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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas with Ikea

From Livet Hemma - Ikea's blog 'Life at Home'.

Time to bring out all the available chairs, get together and celebrate.
Crikey, it is the first day of December! Yep, it's time to start counting down to Christmas Day and for us in the southern hemisphere, a much sought after Summer break. I got a great message today from the editorial staff at Livet Hemma - they saw my posting about their Ikea blog. They let me know that they have Christmas ideas and inspirations on their blog right now.
I love their images above as it really tells Christmas as it is - having family and friends over, bringing together all the available chairs around a makeshift table, Christmas cards on the wall, lots of food on the table and Christmas baubles hanging above. Thanks Livet Hemma for letting me know about your updates.
Photographs via Livet Hemma.
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Step Out Of The Holiday Box

It's time to decorate for the Holidays again.  Think about stepping out of the box this year, surprise family & friends and get a few wows. You don't have to decorate the same way year after year.

Try out different colors.  Do you have different color schemes in each room of the house?  How about the bedroom, do you decorate this room for the Holidays too?  Coordinate ornaments, ribbon, wreaths and garland with the colors of your bedroom.

I love hanging wreaths on mirrors.  It really is framing a piece of art.

Add garland to the mantle with a few ornaments and ribbon to tie in the wreath.

 Tuck in glass hurricanes with candles for soft flickering light.

Wrap a few boxes with pretty paper and ribbon, I always tie and ornament to the ribbon.  Lay them randomly around the room.

A few Holiday touches here and there, enjoy the holiday in every room.

Photos courtesy of:  Etsy, Ballard Designs and Broadmoor Clients Home
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still home. for the holidays.

i apologize in advance for not having any sort of large posts this week. between seeing friends, family, and staying out late, i have not had a ton of time to work on the blog. i promise my next week will be far better than this one. this rustic picture below reminds me of where i want to be on this chilly 23 degree midwest day. let's keep our fingers crossed that it won't snow and ruin our travel day tomorrow. jolene.
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Winter Wonderland

Welcome Home! Seriously? can you imagine? I am sure this place is going to be ALL over blog land but just feast your eyes on this haven. It's a vacation home none the less of the mother - daughter design trio M Elle Design.  Everything about this "rustic - chic" enclave is perfection, right down to the plaid on those benches {above}.  This home beautifully combines rustic elements with the right amount of "not too cutesy"warm + cozy. It's so inviting without being too back woods of Idaho overdone! I love it, and would be happy living in 1/4 of the space ALL THE TIME! Nice job ladies... 

Images: Elle Decor, Photos: Miguel Flores-Vianna. Other images: MElledesign
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How about a Boat Ride?

Little thing to note about me: I get motion sickness very very easily (car, plane or boat).  To my husband's frustration, I can't even read a map in a car.  
No one knows this better than my friend, Harriett, who sat next to me on our way out to Colorado a few years ago on a very bumpy flight!  But I digress . . .  

This little known fact usually does not bother me.  Like many things in life, I have learned to deal with it.  But, recently, I was looking at Darren Henault Interiors website and noticed this in his portfolio  - "Palm Beach Yacht."

After seeing these pictures, I just might risk it for a ride on this beauty! 

This looks like a choice spot to ride with a panoramic view.

This is my favorite shot.  I love the grasscloth cabinets and the desk area that can be tucked away when not in use.  This would be cool in any space. 

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Unexpected Uses for Rope

I know I have showed you some of these before but they are so good they deserve a second viewing.

And what inspired this post.....this is a new restaurant in Beaufort, SC called Wren Bistro. It is hard to see and I would scan in the pic from Southern Living but my scanner is being a P.I.L.L. But the columns are wrapped in nautical rope.

Still hard to see...

And this is what you do with the leftover rope.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

John Pawson : Plain Space - The Book.

Architect John Pawson with the book.

John Pawson : Plain Space by Alison Morris
 In Plain Space, author Alison Morris presents both this recent body of work and earlier projects from the perspective of someone who has had unique access to the work and archives of the office. In thematic essays and narrative project descriptions she examines the firm's working processes, relationship with clients, and approach to design. These insights into how Pawson and his office approach all different kinds of projects, including a cricket pavilion, a ballet stage set, apartment and boat interiors, will be of interest to architects, students, and anyone looking to simplify and beautify their own living space. Filled with exquisite photographs and detailed drawings, Plain Space will be the next must-have book for fans of John Pawson and a perfect introduction to his work for anyone interested in the absolute best of contemporary design.
I have definitely added this book to my wishlist and to my bookstore - simply click on my bookstore on the right hand side of my blog and have a closer look.
Photographs via Plain Space.
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John Pawson: Plain Space

Baron House, Sweden 2005

Monastery of Our Lady of Novy Dvur, Czech Republic, 2004

Monastery of Our Lady of Novy Dvur, Czech Republic, 2004

Pawson House, London 1994

Private House, Germany 2003

Sackler Crossing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2006

Schrager Penthouse, New York 2009

Tetsuka House, Tokyo 2005
 If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I admire the work of John Pawson. An exhibition of his work is on display at The Design Museum, London called John Pawson: Plain Space. It demonstrates his distinctive minimalist architecture style. Read the Guardian article about the exhibition here.
Photographs via The Guardian.

John Pawson : Plain Space exhibition at The Design Museum, London.

Photographs by Marco Zanta.

Models and visuals.

Larger scale models on display - beautifully made of course.

Model and visual of the Monastry.

A suitably minimal-style exhibition

A film showing the B60 sloop.
  Photographs via Plain Space.
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