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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

clive wilkinson.

today's post is about the internal design community hero, clive wilkinson. he is an architect. an architect who studied in south africa and england. an architect who knows no boundaries and has an amazing eye for color and form. a local la architect. his designs are signature and really incorporate furniture into the actual architecture, which i love. here are a couple images of projects i'm sure you are familar with. he has thought of everything--ceiling, color, and all things creative. jolene.

fidm orange county

disney's corporate headquarters
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Decorganizing Wednesday: Shoes

Ahh, shoes.

As you may know, in addition to being an interior designer, I am also a closet designer. And every (and I do mean every!) client says "Oh, I have A LOT of shoes!" But what I find funny is that "A LOT" is a relative term. What is A LOT of shoes to you? 20 pair? 200 pair? 2, 000 pair?

There once was an old lady who lived in a house....who had so many shoes that she didn't know what to do. So she called me. Seriously, she easily had 2, 000 pairs of shoes covering every square inch of space in her bedroom! Not to mention trash cans full of shoes hidden in her closet. She wanted a place to house her addiction. I, on the other hand, wanted to give her the number of a good therapist.

So after that experience, I find it funny when people with 20 pair of shoes tell me they have "A LOT" of shoes. But whether you have 20 or 2, 000 you must find a way to store them, right? So here goes...

Do you line them up in a row?

Or do you encase them like important artifacts?

Or do you display them like a tabletop vignette?

Or do you have a mini-photoshoot with your footwear and label their boxes by photo?

Or do you just label them?

Or do you have a super creative solution that makes your shoes look like art? Let's face it some of them are! I mean Milano's were not made for walkin'!

Or do you mount them on the wall for easy viewing?

Let's face it, I am not reinventing the wheel here, just showing you some inspiration! But speaking of a wheel, check this crazy-ass thing out....


It is like a game show...step right up and spin the wheel to see what shoes you will wear today!
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First Anniversary...

The first 'Anniversary' is traditionally marked with gifts made of paper - I think this small (15cm tall) paper Pop-Up Doll House with laser cut furniture would be the ideal Interior Design Blog first year anniversary present! From Upon a Fold website, an Australian online store that stocks all things fabulous in paper.
Photographs via Upon a Fold.
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One Year On...

It was one year ago today that I ventured into the blog world - Happy First Anniversary!
A year has gone by fast and it has been an education keeping a blog. I have posted about my interior design work, inspirational images and designs that are influencing my day-to-day thoughts and as of the last 5 months, recording the renovations of my two apartments at 292.
It is a great way to express oneself visually.There is a saying that you should put all your ideas out there in the world and it creates room for new ones in your head. I agree with this and I only hope that readers of this blog enjoy seeing them. Here's to another year.
The photos above are from my first posting - an interior design job that I worked on some years ago.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elegance in Every Room

Interior Designer, Joe Nye, shows us how any room in your home can be elegant. I love beautiful rooms! For myself, spending a significant amount of time in the bathroom fixing my hair and applying makeup, I prefer an elegant room just for that.

Beautiful rooms for beautifying.
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While I like watching HGTV's Design Star with my husband (and he did contribute to my Sunday night analysis by saying that Emily needed to "step up her game"), I am curious what YOU are thinking so far.
Any favorites? Are you bored?

This week the contestants worked together to create a NYC roof terrace...

{Boys' terrace design, episode 3 Design Star}

{Girls' + Dan terrace design, episode 3 Design Star}

I still like Emily, but agree with the hubby. I also have decided that I'm not a huge fan of Nina. I'm pretty sure her ego would drive me nuts! I do, however, realize that taking part in a design competition complete with cameras in the face would be hard - and may bring out some ugliness. I don't think I could do it. So if someone wants to offer me my own TV show, no competition required, I'll gladly take it! Otherwise, no thanks. 

Anyhow, on to something that is realistically happening in my life...

GEORGE has started a new project! And it's 2,000 miles away in NYC!

We are so excited to be working on this AMAZING 2,500 square foot Upper Westside condo! It's going to be a crazy few weeks because all drawings and specifications are due at the end of the month, but we'll try to keep you updated on its progress! Better get drawing...

Oh, and yes, those are gorgeous herringbone floors and 10' ceilings. Sigh.
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DIY Tables by Goncalo Campos

image   image

I love the genius of product design. The series of tables designed by Goncalo Campos, are made only using two basic materials, fabric and wood, the most commonly used materials in most households They are designed to be assembled with no glues or external fixtures, other than fabric, using a simple construction technique - they look primitive but at the same time very elegant. I can see the possibilities using beautiful woods, such as ebony, walnut, or perhaps fumed wood, and coordinating the fabric to match the colors and mood of your room. They would make wonderful conversation pieces for a wedding, or summer lawn party.

Images Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos. Goncalo Campos is a Portuguese designer, born in 1986. Graduated in product design in 2008, after which joined Fabrica team, for a year and created a series of  of tables which were featured in the exhibition Mais que Partes (More Than Parts), shown in the Fabrica features shop in Lisbon.

Fumed wood veneers – White Ebony

Patricia Gray Inc is an award winning Interior Design firm  in Vancouver, Canada who blogs about WHAT'S HOT  in the world of Interior Design.
2010 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

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 Dedon Lifestyle Advertising What are you doing this summer

I love the new lifestyle advertising campaign that the Dutch company Dedon, a manufacturer of outdoor furnishings, has launched.  You may have seen the ads for this Dedon campaign in some of the recent Design magazines - Dedon is selling their furniture as lifestyle.  DEDON takes its collaboration with legendary American fashion photographer Bruce Weber to a next level with the publication of a new book Coming Home, a sumptuously produced, limited edition book. Building on themes that Weber developed for the current DEDON advertising campaign, Coming Home is an exploration into the meaning of home and the feelings we hold for it. Personal, poetic and eclectic, the book weaves together exclusive imagery by Bruce Weber with artwork and illustrations specially commissioned by the photographer. Watch the Dedon movie in large format here, or on YouTube here.  The music and imagery are spectacular.  The movie starts with a quote from the movie Out of Africa - the words of Denys Finch Hatton, played by Robert Redford: “I don’t want to live someone else’s idea of how to live.”

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising  

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising 
A multilevel treehouse, a cast and crew of 60 people with legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber keeping it all together.

Dedon Lifestyle Advertising

When I first saw the Dedon ad campaign, by Bruce Webber I was mesmerized by it.  Some people I have talked to just don’t get it. 
After all Bruce Webber was the photographer for the controversial ad campaign for Calvin Klein in the 90’s, and
Webber also photographed a shirtless Chris Isaak in bed for a fashion spread in Rolling Stone
Dedon says about Coming Home “…….it is an exploration into the meaning of home and the feelings we hold for it.”
I say that ‘Furniture IS Lifestyle’ and has as much of a message to say about how we live as Fashion does!

What do you think about ‘Lifestyle Advertising?’  Leave your comment here.

 PG Dedon 1 Article AD SpainPG Dedon 2 Article AD Spain 
PG Dedon 4 Article AD SpainPG Dedon 3 Article AD Spain
Postscript:  These are scans from a Spanish magazine that my friend and fellow blogger Ivan Meade sent to me after I published this article.

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and WHAT'S HOT
in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
2011 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

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andrew morgan.

domicile had a successful team meeting last night. keri, thanks for the great ideas. we are so excited to launch our new, exciting collections. once they are completed, of course. it's so hard for me to go to sleep with such great energy and creative juices flowing, so i shall stay up and blog. though, you won't be reading this until the am. lucky me.

speaking of great collections, here are some of the latest throw blanket collections from andrew morgan. his product is seen in at the end of most beds of every hotel room. he truly has a great eye. i'm starting to like stripes more and more from the picture below. does anyone recognize these from their most recent hotel stay? jolene.

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