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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make things happen

My blog post for Interiors UK is live. I hope this helps a few of you who run a business...
Image via Pinterest

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Joss and Main

Three of my picks for the Joss and Main curator collection sale today!! I had a blast pouring through their site and selecting finds that I loved for your homes! I may need these pagoda book ends and that fabulous labyrinth tray!!
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Paris Patina...

Even with a lot of wear and tear this Parisian apartment makes my heart skip a beat.  How do they do it?  It is so perfectly imperfect.  The floors are amazing along with all of the moulding details.  I am not sure how much I would want to change if I lived there.  What about you - would you feel the need to fix this beauty up or keep it just so?

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Advertise with greige

Interested in advertising on greige? 
I am now accepting sponsors for March. 
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Stylish Living in a Brooklyn Brownstone

Martha Stewart Living editor, Pilar Guzman, her husband and their boys reside in this stylish Brooklyn brownstone.
The family gather in the kitchen which opens to the living and dining area.

This is one stylish and very liveable Brooklyn brownstone belonging to Martha Stewart Living editor, Pilar Guzman and her family. The original character details of the building are beautifully highlighted and the modern/vintage feel of this home is so well composed - it's hard not be impressed! Check out the vintage Arne Jacobsen Swan chair and Finn Juhl Model 45 chair (top right) as well as the vintage Spanish chairs by Borge Morgensen (third from top right). I really like this place...
Photographs by Matthew Hranek via Martha Stewart.
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Anyone Ever Eaten One?

I'm back from my trip to Halifax! Loved the Maritimes as always. Unfortunately, a couple of my meetings fell through, but I'm staying on the positive side because this meant more time with the boyfriend. I also started a second job today, serving at a local sports bar! Between these two jobs and school, I'm a busy bee, but I'll always find time for blogging.
One of the best restaurants that I ate at was the Five Fishermen. This place has a really cool history, and is rumoured to be haunted! The building was once a mortuary where many bodies off the Titanic were kept! While I didn't see any ghosts, this little (big)guy definitely creeped me out when he showed up on my plate! Sure I ordered lobster but in Ontario, it never comes in full form like this! After getting over my fears of touching it and alot of hard work, I was so satisfied. Yummy and fresh. Have any of you ever eaten a whole lobster like this?
xox Tiffany Leigh
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treat it??

I love me a window sink

When we were re-modeling our house I knew I had to have a nice bright sink area so I opted to not add a window treatment and keep it clean and fabric free.

Here is my Current Kitchen Sink Window


As time goes on I think maybe its time to add a little something something in the way of window treatments

I have found some inspiration photos currently getting me in the mood to change up the sink area a bit

Option 1
I could go with a sweet little fabric roman

Option 2
I could go with a little valance & woven double action

Option 3
I could go with a cafe curtain with small drape rod

I think out of the options I like the cute little roman (Option 1) best...

Now the only choice to make


or Wovens?


If you know me, I am sure you already know which is my pick!! 
Can you lovers guess?

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Trend: Color-blocking

A simple concept with a big impact. The idea is pretty clear: separate colors into bold, singular sections! This simple example above is one of my favorites. Navy + Yellow + Pink + White + blue. (even her shoes are color-blocked)
color blocked make-up
I adore this office!

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Huniford Design

Huniford Design does the mix so well.  His ability to mix the clean lines of modern pieces with classic and vintage is amazing.  A style that is simple and sophisticated is refreshing in the design world of late.

I love the chairs in the first photo!

To see more of their work visit their site here...

images via Huniford

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Tips For Saving Your Paint Brushes

I have been doing a lot of painting lately and I will say I am pretty lazy when it comes to clean up and being lazy when painting can be costly! So I have been noting and pinning these techniques on how to clean paint brushes on Pinterest and thought I would share them with you fine people so maybe we can all save some cash. 

First you must properly clean your brushes. Better Homes and Gardens suggest using a solution of 1/2 cup liquid fabric softener to 1 gallon of warm water for about 15 minutes.

How to clean paint brushes.

This tip suggest soaking them in vinegar for 30 minutes...
Love this tip (soak old paintbrush in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and good as new).

You should also thoroughly clean all the paint off of the brush by using an old golf club brush or a wide tooth comb. But be sure not to bend the bristles! 

After you get them all clean, BH&G also suggests wrapping them in craft paper like so...
How to store paint brushes.
I'm not entirely sure why but my guess is to protect the bristles. 

Another creative storage idea is to use a wire and hang them from the handle in an way so they won't get damaged. 
Hang brushes on a rod or wire

Or by a magnetic strip...
Paint Brush Rack

Now let's see if I actually DO any of this stuff!

Fun Tip O' The Day: I once had a contractor tell me that if you are in the middle of painting but need to let the paint to dry overnight, you can freeze your paint brush. Then take the paint brush out the next day and let it thaw out and you can continue to use it. Now I have not tried it but I am dying to know if it works....has anyone out there tried this??? Let me know! 
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