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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photographer - Chris Tubbs

It's Friday and I think that calls for some moody still life interiors by photographer Chris Tubbs. Aren't they lovely?
Photographs via Chris Tubbs.
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didn't make the cut!

So here are some more photos of my HG shoot that didn't make the cut....

Also I have had tons of questions about my Suzani ottoman seen below....

I posted a little tutorial about it way back when,  GO HERE to see

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Summer Pasta Salad

Since the 4th is fast approaching, I thought I would share one of my favorite summer recipes with you - Pasta Salad
I got this recipe from a friend of a friend, and I think we make it at least every other week in the summer months.  It is wonderful hot, cold and even room temperature.  I have served it with any grilled meat you can name, hamburgers and even as a side for sandwiches.  It's that versatile.

Start by cutting up two pints of grape tomatoes (they are sweeter than the cherry tomatoes and when cut in half are the perfect bite size).  

Always cut them on the perimeter rather than from stem to end.  I just learned this from an amazing cook at our church.  When you cut them this way, they burst in your mouth for ultimate flavor.

Add to these, several leaves of fresh basil julienned.  

I like to stack the leaves on top of each other and fold them into a tight roll before cutting.

 Makes quick work of it.

Then add four teaspoons of garlic, one teaspoon of salt and 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil.  

Here's the most important step.  Let this mixture sit at room temperature for at least four hours.  This allows the garlic and basil to flavor the oil so that every bite has great taste.

Cook your pasta, any shape will work.
Drain your noodles and add immediately to the tomato mixture along with 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese.  

Serve as is or chilled.  If you want to make this a main course, simply add grilled chicken or shrimp. 

It's the perfect side dish for your weekend grilling.  I know we're having it for sure!
Happy Summer! M.
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Inspired = Lyford Cay Club - Bahamas

I'm smitten with Tom Scheerer's design for the Lyford Cay Club. It delivers so many wonderful elements; pagoda designs, grass cloth, faux bamboo, corals, pink, yellow and chocolate, antique mirrors. etc. etc. Most of Tom's designs use these materials. His work is amazing.
I'm not sure I'll ever make  it past the pink entry gates, but a girl can dream right? A little beach shack in the Bahamas would do. {see Tom's home here - I am in love with this casual beauty}
How amazing is this tented dining area?

And the Lyford Cay inspired Pagoda print by Quadrille {of course}

Images: Lyford Cay Club - via Town and Country and, Pagoda Images: Coastal Living, Meg Braff
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I'm kinda obsessed with her. I wish I could get away with the things she says out loud. This might be my favorite quote of all time "I need people to stop grabbing my paint brush while I'm painting." All you designers out there can relate to this one I'm sure! Don't get me wrong, I love my clients but when they question every part of a design plan or want to change a few elements of a design plan, they don't understand that it alters (i.e. changes, diminishes, weakens, etc., etc., etc.) the design. If they would just TRUST, I guarantee they would love the end result. Because we make decisions based on ALL the elements combined so that there is a COHESIVE design. That is a hard thing to explain to a client, especially since they typically hire you because they cannot visualize the overall picture. The again, that is our job as a designer, to both explain our vision and to earn their trust. It isn't always easy and some clients get there quicker than others. Ok, stepping down off my soapbox...

Anyway, Mary is known for mixing modern and glamour into her designs but what I really love about her rooms are the bold statements she makes with the floors. Take a look for yourself...

If you like what you see, check out here book.

And watch her Tuesdays at 10:00 on Bravo in Million Dollar Decorators.
[No, I do not get paid for endorsing the show, I just like it a lot and want to keep in on the air!]
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Do you know what you're doing?

Tomorrow night, Mila will perform in the Chiswick Theatre Arts's Annual Show: Annie. As the dress I ordered for her hasn't arrived yet, I was sewing the back of her old pink Fairy dress because Lucas destroyed the tutu and now we can see her bum...
Mila (looking at me sewing) "Maman, do you know what you are doing?"
Me: "umm....yes I think so"
Mila: "OK, well that's good then"
Pffu...lucky it is then!

I like how serene this looks and which can be easily achieved at home...paint floorboards in black, source an old piece of wood, use these stone hooks on the walls et voila!

House designed by Whiting Architects
Demain soir, Mila va jouer dans le spectacle annuel du Chiswick Theatre Arts: Annie. Comme la robe que je lui ai commande n'est pas encore arrivee, hier soir, j'ai cousu le derriere de sa robe parce que Lucas a massacre le tutu et maintenant on voit les fesses de Mila.
Mila (qui me regarde coudre) "Maman, est ce que tu sais ce que tu fais?"
Me: "umm....oui je crois"
Mila: "OK, bon c'est bien alors"
Pffu...quelle chance!

J'aime beaucoup la serenite qui emmane de cette photo et qui est facile a reproduire a la maison...un plancher peint en noir, une vielle planche en bois, ces pateres en pierre naturelle et voila!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Year Anniversary

It was this day two years ago that I started this blog. Two years...! Check my first blog posting here when I was still figuring this 'blog' thing out.
If you've been a regular reader, thanks for your support and I hope you'll continue to visit.
So two year anniversaries are traditionally celebrated and gifted with Cotton. So check out this great new textile range from Country Road - yep, all made of cotton. All in great colours for Spring...which is only a few months away...

All photographs via Country Road.
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Stylish London Home

A Notting Hill home designed by Charles Mellersh.


I am enjoying viewing this stylish Notting Hill home designed by London designer, Charles Mellersh. Harmonious, modern, warm and simple. I especially like the use of brass fixtures in the kitchen - this trend also features in The Shingle House posted earlier this month.
Check out Remodelista's trade secrets here to create the same vibe as this London home.
Photographs by Chris Tubbs via Remodelista.
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House swap anyone??

I'm embracing the concept of house swap...
Our Summer house is rented out the whole Summer until 3rd September and with the launch of the first BODIE and FOU mail order catalogue, I can really go away in September so if anyone has a nice family home in the South of France...and I mean down south where the Sun is, we will be happy to do a house swap either in our house in the Bay of Arcachon when its available (or this one for 6 people which is available in July) or with our London home (although this one is still a labour of love in the making!).
I really love this house in Nimes which belongs to designer Myriam Bala├┐ Devidal. Love the joyful mix of picture frames on the wall, the walls left as they are after taking the wallpaper off, the white bedroom with the mezzanine (...a dream), the bold wallpaper, the Bookshelf wallpaper next to a real bookshelf and the sense of space, freedom and happiness....and I love Myriam's lamps!
Can I come, please please!

(C) Marie-Claire Maison
OK je me lance dans l'echange de maison...
Notre maison de vacances est louee jusqu'au Septembre et avec le lancement du premier catalogue BODIE and FOU, je ne peux pas vraiment partir en Septembre donc si quelqu'un a une jolie maison de famille dans le Sud de la je veux dire plein sud ou il y a du soleil, nous serions heureux de faire un house swap avec soit notre maison sur le Bassin d'Arcachon quand elle est dispo (ou celle-ci pour 6 personnes qui est disponible en Juillet) ou avec notre maison in London.
J'adore cette maison qui appartient a la designer Myriam Bala├┐ Devidal (un indice...). J'aime le joyeux mix de cadres, les murs laisses bruts apres avoir enleve le papier-peint, la chambre blanche avec la mezzanine (...un reve), les papiers-peints graphiques, le papier-peint Bookshelf a cote d'une vrai etagere pleine de livres et cet espace qui respire la liberte et la j'adore les lampes de Myriam! Quand est ce qu'on peut venir??
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