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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Room of the day!

I came across this photo on a blog last night, love it. I could jump right into this dining room and hang out! I'm getting excited for the holidays, are you??
source: Atlanta Homes Magazine, also:, Jill Sharp Brinson's home
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Wuz Crack-A-Lackin??

We are slowly but surely starting to put some finishing touches on some of Client Awesomes house and it's coming together FABULOUSLY!

check out the Family Room bookshelves....pretty snazzy!

We are still filling in frames, and picking out more gorge, but this is whats happening so far.

Also I have filled in more pillows in the kitchen nook!

Have ya'll forgotten about the giveaway?

I hope not

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In the shop this week: The Old Oak's Last Dream print by Missemai

Five years ago, out of the blue, Mia-Louise, the designer behind Missemai, emailed me to ask whether I would be interested in having her handmade prints on BODIE and FOU.
I opened the attachments and felt in love with the delicate drawings and amount of details found in each of her prints. They were the first series of art prints we had in our collection which has grown a lot and has now gorgeous B&W art prints, prints for children, to say I love you, etc....

The Old Oak's Last Dream art print was an instant success and still is at Christmas time because of their wintery theme but also during the Summer as a beautiful, wedding gift.
Over a series of four handmade black & white illustrations, MisseMai Prints depict with beautiful details and attention, the enchanting story of friendship and the mesmerizing world of little angels, luxurious flowers, beautiful birds and other magical creatures, based on the story of The Snow Queen. Capturing the dramatic feelings found in Fairy Tales, from magical creatures to wonderful landscapes and sweet, kind heroes, each print brings a bit of magic into today’s hectic world.

PS: You can find the Heima cast iron candlestick here (it's gorgeous!)
Photo: François Kong Styling: Karine Kong
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Masculine and sophistocated

I love these dark and manly spaces.. the black paneling and shelves is so yummy!  It is like a winter retreat.. with the dark wood and clean lines.

images via atlanta homes magazine
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DIY Lamp Knock Off

I have long admired these gorgeous lamps . . . 
I think a pair of them would be stunning on a buffet, console table or even as bedside lamps in a master bedroom.  But at $645.00 each, they are just not in the budget here at the Smith T house. 

So, here's my idea for a knock off of them.  I have not tried this, but the idea is so simple I am confident someone out there in Internet land has thought of this and actually completed the project.  If you are listening, please send me a picture and your thoughts!   

Take a pair of these at $20 each . . . 

Turn them upside down and add this (to what was the bottom but is now the top) using a glue specifically for bonding metal to glass . . .

Or, if you're just not up for a DIY project,  take the vase to a lamp shop, along with a picture of the original and ask them to do it for you. It really is a nominal fee compared to what you would pay for the original. 

Then add a tapered drum shade like this (along with a bulb clip) . . . 

And you've got yourself a very high end lamp for less!  M.
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Let's Bounce

"You know how everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor or good taste or that they are a good driver?" -Buddy (Bounce) 

That is one of my favorite move quotes because it is so so true! I mean we can't alllll have a good sense of humor, good taste and be good drivers, right? I think about it often. Especially while driving.

Ok, I am have been super busy this week so just going to show you some great design images to give some "bounce" to your Wednesday. See what I did there? Bounce? Yeah, that's right.

 Doesn't this make you want to go snatch up a $5 flea market Bentwood chair and spray paint it immediately? Genius. 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Home of Andy and Kate Spade

The ecletic New York home of Andy and Kate Spade, former owners and creative directors of Kate Spade and Jack Spade, has been widely published over the years. I like this series from The Selby - a great and more informal approach of them being at home and showing the details that make the apartment very cosy and homely. Check out the cool wide yellow and white stripe bed headboard in the bedroom - nice.
Photographs via The Selby.
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Design: Sherry Hart
Someone very close to me is about to have a baby boy anytime now! We briefly discussed the little guy's nursery today. Here's some inspiration for my readers and for you K!!! What I love about all these rooms is that they aren't too fussy. The designs use a few grand gestures but are fairly simple. Don't be afraid to use larger scaled objects in a small person's room!
Lee Kleinhelter's son's room
via Big Cartel
I never tire of David Hick's La Fiorentina print
I adore the artwork above the bed - If anyone knows the source, please do share!!
I love the idea of a map wall in a child's room or play room.
The animal prints are great - Restoration Hardware

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