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Saturday, April 30, 2011

ANOHKI GiveAway!

It's no secret I obsess over Indian block print fabric. When I found Anokhi's company I flipped out and instantly sent them an email asking if I could do a giveaway with their products. A week later I received a package filled with so much beauty I had to pinch myself!!!! 

I am so happy to do a giveaway for this completely gorgeous tablecloth and scarf!

The table cloth measures 55" x 55" square.

The scarf is 30" x 30"

You could make a pretty pillow from this scarf....or just wear it on your neck!

OK, SO if you wanna win leave me a comment. Follow me here, Tweet Me @amberinteriors or post on my Facebook. You know the drill. 

Good Luck Lovers!!!!
giveaway ends on May 3rd.

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Before & After: Chevron

Check this out...
via Little Green Notebook

Get the tutorial here.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Savage Salvage

Upon searching for the perfect Mother Days gift for myself I stumbled upon Savage Salvage. I love how funky her pieces are. They are all unexpected and gorgeous and paired with a summery dress, a white T-shirt, or a pair of jeans, they are great everyday outfit additions! 

OK so Steph {Savage Salvage} is letting you Pretty AID Readers get 20% off her fantastic jewels and baubles!!!!!
Just enter the discount code 
AMBER20 and your discount will be applied!

Here are some of my favorites from her collection.

Also Please go check out a little feature on my house over at 6th St Design School.
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With the romance and beauty of the Royal Wedding. Kate looks stunning. I'll leave you with this quote, have a wonderful weekend.  Also, my thoughts go out to all of you affected by the tragic storms and tornados down south. xx.

 Images: BBC, Pinterest.
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The Magpie

I have a really great friend who claims to be a major magpie (which always makes me laugh).  She claims to be a total sucker for anything shiny.  

So, I have to ask . . . are you a magpie?  

P.S: I wanted to say thank you for all the emails I received yesterday.  The blogging community is the best!  As I've watched the news (with many of you I am sure), I have been amazed at the resilience of those hit the hardest by the storm.  Many areas are still without power, but people are beginning to clean up and are truly thankful in the midst of this disaster.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Have a great weekend.  M.
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This Week I...

(Pardon the reminiscing!)

Went to Athens to see a good friend and to visit because I had not been there in YEARS. I was giddy just driving into town...then I saw that all my old haunts had been replaced. Bissets, Gus's, Son's, Boarshead. I feel sorry for the kids there now but I guess they don't know any different. We ate lunch at East West which seems much nicer since my days of logging in drinking hours. And I am happy to report that The Grill is still around. I was tempted to get a milkshake but my get-slim-fast-for-spring-diet wouldn't allow it.

This use to be Boarshead...

This use to be Son's...

I think this was "The Roo" that we would walk from the sorority house to get our Big Gulps for late night study sessions.

This use to be Hodgson's Pharmacy where you could get 25 cent ice cream cones (at least they kept the sign)...
Now a Jittery Joe's.

This use to be an old school pharmacy/grill where you sit at the counter. They had the best grilled pimento cheese sandwiches! I know it burned in a kitchen fire a few years back but I am not pleased with the updated, generic suburbia look.

Seems like my life revolved around food and drinking. No wonder I gained the Freshman 30!

Thank the Lord this is being rebuilt!
Ok, enough of that..

Spent Easter with my family.

Watched 1,000 baseballs games and an Easter egg hunt.

Thanks for enduring all that...I will get back on track with the design posts next week!
Have a great weekend!
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Natural Moodboard {By Aurora}

So this morning, Mila and I will be watching the wedding of Will and Kate because according to Mila "it's very important!". On the creative side, I'm in love with Aurora's latest moodboard, this pop up shop that Desiree found in Amsterdam and very happy for Annaleena's great creative news! Have a wonderful Royal Wedding weekend!

Update: just finished watching the Royal Wedding commented by Stephane Bern & Karl Lagerfeld in France. Kate was absolutely gorgeous!! I wish them all the best, they look such a nice, happy couple

1. B2 triangle lamp by Birgit Ostergaard 2. Caroline Swift ceramics 3.Scrapwood wallpaper 4. Bracelet image via weheartit 5. Cote Bastide body scent 6. Interiors image via weheartit 7. Hair image via weheartit 8. La Tropezienne leather tote bag 9. Cote Bastide soap 10.Clare Vivier mini sac 11. Ceramic Hearts 12. Caroline Swift ceramics 13. Made in England rolling pin

Ce matin, Mila et moi allons regarder le mariage de Will et Kate parce que selon Mila "it's very important!". Sur le plan creatif, je suis dingue du dernier moodboard d'Aurora, de ce pop up shop que Desiree a trouve a Amsterdam et super contente pour Annaleena et sa bonne nouvelle creative! Passez un tres bon weekend royal!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Design Museum Denmark

Danish Design - I Like it! exhibition at Design Museum Denmark.

This is one cool exhibition that I would love to check out - Jasper Morrison has curated and designed this 'Danish Design - I Like it!' exhibition for Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen. This has been conceived to celebrate the name change of the museum (previously known as 'Kunstindustrimuseet' - that was a good move) as well as the cool design history that Denmark has. Love the use of textiles on the back panels as well as the colours. I'd also want to leave with most of furnishings too...
Photographs via Wallpaper.
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I Like...

Reclaimed wood bench and dining table from Canvas.

Reclaimed wood mirror. Cute dog.
I like...these cool recycled solid cedar furnishings from Canvas. The solid cedar wood is salvaged from New York City rooftop water tanks, which means they have a great natural aged patina finish. It's always great to see sustainability done so well and so stylishly. Photographs via Canvas.
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Marbles Lost

I am so busy its B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

I have lots to say but no time to say it so I will post some Marbelized Walls

Ugly??......YES or NO?
Anatomy??? I am just sayin

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