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Monday, August 31, 2009

bedroom blues.

as a designer you are always wanting to update your own home. even after that first coat of paint goes on the wall, you desire to change it immediately after. well, for me, that is true but I never really get around to making the changes. until now. we are remodeling most all of the rooms in our tiny condo, but i am mainly done with the dining room and office. on to the bedroom. i went back and forth with color palettes and mood shots as i wanted to be respectful of the husband, so i ended up with what amanda and i like to call the ralph lauren look. here are some mood shots that i have tucked away for the project. stay tuned. we are trying to do this in a months time! jolene.

loving this color palette.
ceiling paint. i die.

i am thinking a dark color for the walls, and i am obsessed with the blue door.
color palette again. yummy.
i plan on having khaki carpet and painting the bed frame white.
wall color. love. striped rug. even better.
minus the painting.
exact match for color.
blue walls. white bedding. perfect.
subtle color.
high gloss doors. mmm.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

taking que from bungalow 8 today and peacing out!

BG's one of the projects i worked on at kwid. i must have drawn those mouldings 20 times before it all worked out.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

ode to hicks

love this arrangement above this fireplace

perfect scale and proportion
i saw this image about five years ago and was stunned by the rich high gloss walls. i have been in love ever since.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Married Adventure [Book of the Day]

one of my favortie images of the johnsons

safari museum in chanute kansas


Ok so I think I'm the last person in the design community to blog about the infamous I Married Adventure book. I am originally from Chanute, Ks. Chanute has the one and only museum dedicated to Osa and Martin Johnson. I grew up learning about them during school trips and art excursions from grade school all the way into college. My great Aunt & Uncle were friends of the Johnson's and at one point my mother took me to meet Osa's mother at the museum. My family has a collection of signed books, photographs etc. and my Dad's cousin has one of largest collections of all the books I've ever seen. He must have 40/50 books in his collection, it includes every book ever published by the Martins. I cherish the books, and my mother, sister and I have used their story as inspiration for years. I firmly believe that their sprint of adventure was ingrained in me starting at a very young age and is partly why I was able to leave small town KS and move to CA to explore and have my own "adventure". I have been following the book within the design world for the past 10 years now while working as an Interior Designer in the SF Bay Area then at KWID for a couple of years in LA and now with my own company one2BOND. At first I would see it here and there...and NOW it's EVERYWHERE! It's like stumbling across a little piece of home every time I see it somewhere. It's become a game for me to find it now...books, magazines, showcase houses, homes of friends who are in the design field. I once found it in an Anthropologie display case early on and the guy ended up giving it to me after I told him my story. When we heard of the M+O clothing stores that's when we knew the book had really touched and inspired lives. They use their wedding date, numbers from their planes and geographical locations of their explorations in their apparel design. I recently heard that the M+O stores will be selling the book now as well. I have recently used the book in a one2BOND project and of course in home display. My family and I try go back to Chanute once a year and we always take a trip to the museum. It's a tradition for us. Amanda

recent one2bond project

image: one of many IMA sightings beach bungalow 8 (love those table megan) we are in preparation with vanessa for the OC version of the tag sale.

recent one2bond project

another favorite of osa on a zebra in borneo

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

fall into friday

with fall just around the corner, and the slight change of weather in socal, this week i became excited to wear cute fall clothes. i also became excited to shop online for those cute fall clothes. most of these outfits are from anthropologie, j.crew, and club monaco. i am dying to get into a neutral turtleneck with a bright belt and riding boots. amanda already has her black riding boots, so it's my turn this season. enjoy these must haves for the fall season. jolene.

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