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Friday, August 31, 2012

Guest Post: Camo Decor

I think we are all loving the fall fashion reports coming out this year.
One big trend I'm noticing: Camo.
Often, we see fashion sneak its way into decor...but camo? Could this possibly translate?
Head on over to my guest post at The Little Black Door to find out!
I'm filling in while Elizabeth is away on vacation with a little guide on how to get the military motif in your own home without it looking just plain weird.

Now go check it out! (Sir, Yes, Sir). A-ten-hut!

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Beach Elegance: 10th Street Kitchen

Hello all! We're so excited to show you a project that is just wrapping up. Take a look at what the 10th Street kitchen used to look like: 

The finishes and color scheme were too dark and formal for this house by the beach, the original lay-out which included a small island and a bar were awkward, and overall the space just did not function as well as it could... the goal was to transform the space into something that reflected a lighter west coast beach mood and could be a full service kitchen and HQ for this busy family of 5. A look at the kitchen remodel in progress: 


Here's a sneak peek of the kitchen dining area as we wait for the dining table and settee to arrive to accompany the dining chairs and that gorgeous chandelier: 

A close up of the iridescent tile we used for the kitchen back splash:

And the house is nearly complete! Those bar stools are a temporary, but quite useful as we wait for the new ones to arrive. If you're wondering whether that's a ping pong table in the bottom right hand corner of the last photo... you're absolutely right! The wonderful family that lives here is fun-loving and while the family room is filling in, they figured why not

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feeling fall in greige...

This space makes me think of fall with the warm fire burning and the soft colors of their eclectic mix it is just perfection!  This is the home of Todd Fiscus and Rob Dailey in Texas.  I have seen some pretty amazing homes from Texas although I have never been.  I really love how this home mixes old and new with ease and elegance. 

For more on their home visit here.

 found via pinterest
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Shelter loves 8.31.12

love, love, loving and pinning this week!

Happy Friday and long weekend!! xx
1. Velvet Slippers, Boden usa
2. Amber Interior Design's fab pillow collection
3. ANYTHING emerald, especially if there is a bar involved!
4. Structured cakes, like this beauty
5. Gold gilded paintings...LOVE!
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Client Project - Pillow Options

Happy Friday!  The last couple of weeks have been a major adjustment for the Smith T household.  My oldest child moved to our junior high this year.  While it is fun and exciting, it's taking a bit of time to adjust (even for me).  I say all this to emphasize just how excited I am to have a long weekend.  We're going to make the most of it - lots of lounging and relaxing. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share some pillow options I sourced for a client this week.  When you have a neutral palette to work with, it's so easy to freshen up a space by simply adding new pillows.  For this cute client, I created two different options for her family room.  

Here is a second option.  Just to show you how easy it is to transform a neutral palette with different pillows.   

All sources for these pillows are available through Mandi Smith T Interiors.  If you are interested in creating a fresh new feel in your home, give me a call.  Also, I know my client would love your thoughts on which option is your favorite.  M.  
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patch NYC for Target

Last night my assistant and I attended the preview party for Patch NYC's collection for Target. Their fabulous shop is tucked away in The Courtyard on 46 Waltham Street in Boston. The designer-artist duo Don Carney and John Ross discussed their latest design collaboration with Target, which is arriving in stores on September 9th. Their style feels like a vintage meets modern mix that is both rustic and fresh.  The designers draw much of their inspiration from found objects found at the NYC flea markets.
The approach

The discussion
A peek at the collection
As you know I have a thing for foxes, they're sort of my good luck charm so when I saw this guy I need I'd have to have him!
The Patch NYC Boston shop is filled with interesting finds, and art which include their collection of jewelry, art and textiles.

They also carry Waylande Gregory Ceramics, I adore his work and this relaunched line.
And their studio space!
A vintage find..

I'll absolutely be heading back to their shop for myself and clients..It feels like a bit of NYC tucked away in Boston!

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Green and Wicked

The day I've been waiting for is almost here at last. On Saturday, I'm going to be seeing the Broadway hit musical 'Wicked'. Tickets weren't cheap and sold out fast but my friend Melanie, Caitlin and I got our hands on some!

In honour of the Musical, which takes place in Oz, I'm sharing with you a favourite space with hits of the colour of the Emerald City:

All images via HGTV
This space was designed by Sarah Richardson and aired on season 2 of Sarah 101.
To say I'm green with envy is an understatement! Can you believe that green leopard print?

Just for a little fun, here is an old (2008) and embarrassing photo of Mel, Cait and I in our 42nd Street costumes, which we performed on the very same stage where the talented performers of Wicked will be performing on Saturday! I'm in the lighter blue, if you couldn't tell.
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Interior photography...

I think that among us there is a deep appreciation for quality artistic interior photography.  Even if we don't realize it the photography and often times the photographer are what make these spaces show in the best possible light.  It does take great styling and design I know that, but without the art of the photograph it is so hard to show it to the world, short of touring each and every space in person.

I love that a photo can capture light and depth in a space so beautifully.  So thank you to all of those interior photographers out there who make things oh so beautiful!

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Beds in Front of Windows

Over here at Casa Lewis I have a bedroom conundrum.

Currently I have my bed against a wall...which looks great

However, with tiny closets and an ever growing collection of crap


I have a large window in my room which if I put the bed up against would make me have like 10x more space...

I as a designer know, that beds in front of windows are totally acceptable

But the duck....he's not so sure.

Lets take a look at some amazing bedrooms where beds in front of windows totes works

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