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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Sticky Sweet

In honor of all the sugar I've been consuming this weekend (and today I'm sure), I thought I'd share all the sweet, saturated color in J. Crew's latest catalog. Mixing unexpected brights is a sure way to beat the (it feels like more like December) then Halloween blues! Pink, Green, Red, Purple etc...add some color to your life!! My eating habits only go down hill from now until Christmas! Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

So I'm a lil' late with the Halloween post but maybe you can file these ideas away for next year! Carving pumpkins use to be a big deal in my family when I was growing up. My brother was really good at it. And this was way before they had all these fancy tools! I miss doing it and will definitely make it a big activity when I have a family. What do you do with the innards? 


use a drill to make a polka dotted carved pumpkin...DONE and DONE!

Chevron pumpkin

Initial carved pumpkins

Lace carved pumpkins

carved pumpkins

Carved House Numbers in Pumpkins

This one makes me proud!

And this one always makes me laugh so I had to throw it in here...
vomiting pumpkin
So wrong.

Hope y'all enjoy trick or treating with your little ones! 
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Who WON????

We have a winner winner for the awesome  O'verlay  Giveaway... 



here ya go

Lucky number 49

Lauren Johnson

please contact me here to claim your prize!

Remember when I said I was using these in a project.....WELL

here is what I did with em

I can't show you the whole finished project yet because it may or may not be 

*wink wink*

in a certain online publication...hmm

Happy Halloweiner

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happy halloween

I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween kind of day!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, all the dressing up and running around town being someone wild and crazy.  So fun!
What are you up to today?  Will you be dressing up and trick or treating?  Will you be hosting a little party?

image via Sweet Paul Magazine

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Get the Look- Living Room

Let's kick off the week with a second installment of "Get the Look."  Today we are going to focus on this fabulous living room.  I just love the idea of using four chairs in a space like this.  In fact, I posted about this very idea for a living room.

Here's our inspiration. . . 

I know!  It's stunning.  So fresh and crisp - but not tied to a specific season.  I could totally see this space in the Spring/Summer months or in the Fall/Winter months.  Really nice combination.  Also, it's modern but with a cottage vibe - very difficult to pull off.  This is the work of Atlanta based interior design firm - The Design Atelier.  This one was a major challenge.  In fact, while I was sourcing it, I thought several times, "Now, why did I decide to do this series?!"  I hope you enjoy my efforts!  

Here are my finds for this lovely room. 

(1.) (2.) (3.) (4.) (5.) (6.) (7.) (8.) (9.) (10.) (11.) (12.) (13.) (14.) (15.) (16.) (17.)

Happy Halloween! M.

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Gosh, I love this kitchen!

She said after spending her Sunday painting her daughter's inside cupboards in bubble gum pink while catching up on Superior Interiors listening to Kelly Hoppen (who by the way has a very calming voice)
But it is true, this is the kind of pare down, minimalist, natural interiors that I like and the kind of soft industrial look I would like to achieve in our kitchen blending natural materials such as wood, linen, stone and ceramic. Elodie has a similar old farm table in her home in Paris which she dresses with a couple of linen runners we used to have in the boutique and it's just beautiful. Entertaing friends in this space must be bliss...I love the natural light, the simplicity of the pendant lights, the carefully selected B&W art print.
via NNZ Domizil

Dit-elle apres avoir passé son Dimanche à peindre l'interieur des placards de sa fille en rose bonbon tout en regardant Superior Interiors et en écoutant Kelly Hoppen (qui a par ailleurs, une voix très calmante)
Mais c'est vrai, c'est le genre d'intérieurs, minimals, calmes, naturels, que j'aime et le genre de look semi-industriel mais chaleureux que j'aimerais donner à notre cuisine en mélangeant des matériaux naturels tel que le bois, la pierre, le lin, la céramique. Elodie a une table similaire à celle-ci chez elle, qu'elle habille avec deux chemins de table en lin que nous avions avant dans la boutique et c'est juste d'une beauté toute simple et parfaite. Avoir des amis à diner dans cette espace doit etre un vrai bonheur...J'adore toute cette lumière naturelle, la simplicité des lampes suspendues au-dessus du comptoir, l'illustration en N&B choisie avec le plus grand soin. 
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Inspiration - Annaleena's Hem

Annaleena's Hem is a Swedish interior blog that I recently came across and she has many photos of her stylish home. Here are some of the visuals that I liked most.
Photographs via Annleena's Hem.
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For fun...

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday just before Halloween!  I have been to the flea market and cannot wait to share all of the fun pieces that I picked up with you!

image by christina for greige
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Little creative project: Advent calendar

As Mila is back from her French holidays on Wednesday, I'm busy making some changes to her bedroom to surprise her and as I took down the Bird Clothes pegs I was using in her bedroom to display her drawings, I'm going to make an advent calendar with them and some paper brown bags I got from my local convenient store. I don't know how it will look in the end but if it doesn't work out, we still have this lovely Advent calendar from Noix de Coc'. Have a great Sunday!

Comme Mila rentre de France mercredi, je me dépeche de finir les petits changements que j'apporte à sa chambre pour lui faire une surprise et comme j'ai décroché les pinces à linge oiseaux que j'utilisais pour accrocher tous ses jolis dessins, je vais également commencé un calendrier de l'Avent avec les pinces à linge et des petits sacs en papier récupérés à l'épicerie d'à coté. Je ne suis pas encore sure du resultat mais si c'est trop nul, de toutes facons, nous avons toujours le calendrier de l'Avant de Noix de Coc'. Bon Dimanche!
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!

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Does anyone out there know the source for this wall-to-wall carpet that Sara Richardson used in this nursery? 

Pinned Image

I will owe you big time! Thanks!!!
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Dark and mysterious

Are you ready for Halloween?  I love the dark mysterious feeling of this space..  I can just see it full of people lounging and chatting over drinks.
images via

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