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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all and enjoy the break.
For part of the long weekend, I will be at 292 painting the exterior. We'll be priming all the new cladding and hopefully, if all going to plan, the first coat of the final colour. I will let you know how we go.
Photograph from Martha Stewart.
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Inspiration - NYC Apartment

I came across this simple NYC Apartment by Manifold Architecture Studio (MAS) on Remodelista the other day. It is a small one bedroom apartment, however it seems spacious and has a nice flow. The simple colour and material palette helps and so does the well designed joinery.
It always a buzz when you see good design solutions that is seamless and effortless. Nice.
Photographs by Alan Tansey via Remodelista.
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Decorganizing Wednesday: Martha...You Again

Damn you Martha, damn you!
So tired of her making the rest of us look bad. This office is crazy organized. I could get some serious business/crafting done here (she says from behind stacks of unfinished work).
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erin martin continued the artist edition

Peter Lars Gravenar

as a continuation of yesterday's post, i wanted to showcase some of the artists that erin martin reps within her showroom in st. helena, ca. i have spent some time in st. helena and healdsburg day tripping with my good friend brenda. we love visiting the area, with it's picturesque town squares, cute shops, restaurants and galleries. i feel like it's always beautiful and sunny in the wine country, i've never had a rain out. amanda

danielle mourning

donnie molls
i'm in love with these secondary sophisticated color pallets with lonely depictions of secluded living. reminds me of home but without palm trees and dessert. gives me the same feeling for some reason.

ashely collins

tonight we will be meeting up for dinner in the bev H with a friend of ours who is a race horse buyer and trader and owner. i think he may be interested in ashely's work.

david price
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well Skirted

I absolutely love table skirts!

I say the more fabric, the more fabulous.  Fabric just adds so much, texture, color and warmth.  I never tire of looking through fabric books.  Holding the fabrics in my hands, finding the right colors, mixing patterns, what new unique combos I can come up with every time.

Change up a side table, hide the legs, add fabric to the floor.  Make a statement with a buffet or console table.  Create a new focal point on a wall.  A piece of artwork from another room and simply rearranging a few accessories, and you have something new!

Here are a few great table skirts I found.

Bilhuber & Associates
Gunkelman Flesher Interior Design
Jeffers Desigh Group
John Willey Interior Design
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Pop Quiz!

Don't worry, no one fails this one! If you've browsed through the March issue of Real Simple, you may have already completed this design quiz. It's fun, though, so you can always do it again!

Without thinking too much about your choices or looking at the small letter they are associated with, circle images on the right page that you are drawn to.

{Sorry these weren't scanned - haven't been able to get near that device for some time now. You can click the photos to make them bigger. Don't forget to read the actual article too!}

Ok, start circling - quick, quick, quick!

Done circling? Now tally up how many A's, B's, C's & D's you circled (hopefully you have one somewhat dominant letter), flip to the next pages, and see your favored design style displayed in a beautiful room. I really love how the article suggests key starter pieces for every style - a great touch!

If you're like me, you probably had a pretty good idea of where your style would fall. I was right-on with guessing that I'd be mixing things up with a dash of "Sophisticated Classic" and sprinkling of "Vintage Eclectic".

Another great tool is the handy chart listing a few stores relevant to each style, or fusion of styles. I'll have to refer back to this when I'm drawing-a-blank on where to start my shopping...

Well, there you have it. I thought this was a fun 10 minutes!
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Sometimes we over think ourselves.
Art can be this simple. Try using images from a book or calendar.

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in love with her point of view

designer erin martin wows me. i have fallen in love and can't decide which image to swoon over. i find "point of view" interesting. it seems valuable to me to mention this to you all right now because all the successful great designers who stand apart from the rest of the pack from our past, present and who are forth coming possess this quality. it is a designer that can blend and intertwine her point a view with their clients needs, wants and desire and still keep the the "point of view" intact that are the super heroes of design in my opinion. it was difficult for me choose which images were my favorite, enjoy! oh, also her website is super fun and in the words of jolene ballard "i think we would be friends" amanda

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