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Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Room for the Oscars

While we know that the Oscars is an all round glamorous affair, what I didn't realise that there was a Green Room designed especially for the night. Designer Michael Smith (well known as the interior decorator for the White House) wanted to create a luxurious 'library' vibe so that the presenters could relax before entering the stage to do their job. This would probably be the most glamorous Green Room we'll never see and it's for one night only.
Photograph via Habitually Chic.
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The following day...

Can you even begin to imagine how it would feel to win an oscar?  Often times I admire the lives of the rich and famous, although I'm not sure how happy a person can be living in a world without privacy. {maybe I could get used to it} What do you think about last night's results? It's fun, if only for a few hours to be swept away with "their" world.

 The above photograph of Faye Dunaway was taken in 1977 by photographer Terry O'Neil, Dunaway's then long time boyfriend. Dunaway is relaxing by the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel the day after she won the oscar for best leading actress in The Network.
What do you think is running through her mind?

While I'm on the topic of Terry O'Neil, I thought I'd share, a fabulous photo of Brigitte Bardot. The first shot is the original photograph by O'Neil, below is the image blown up in a private residence! I would love to incorporate one oversized photograph by a famous photographer into my home design someday.

image: New England Home
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DIY project: How to style your toilets

I've just finished my contributor post on Poppytalk to explain how I re-styled our toilets in France...I know there is more glamorous subject than this but bear with me on this...It looks better than it sounds :-)
You can read the full article here. Have a great evening. This is stock take evening for us at B&F and as I don't intend to spend the evening at the warehouse, I shall leave you. Bises

(C) 1. Kong bar re-designed by P. Starck, 2. Shot styled by Sweet Paul

Je viens juste de terminer un article sur Poppytalk expliquant comment j'ai re-style nos toilettes en France...Je sais, il y a plus glamour comme sujet mais faites-moi confiance...C'est plus joli que ca en a l'air :-)
Vous pouvez lire l'article en entier ici. Passez une bonne soiree. C'est la journee ou nous comptons nos stock a B&F et vu que je n'ai pas l'intention de passer la soiree au bureau, je vous laisse. Bises
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What a weekend! I painted G's room, painted a dresser, made some curtain panels, and have almost finished the cork board in our office.
My fingers are raw to the bone from sanding and painting and my back feels like a 100 year old pack mule.  G's room looks adorbs. Give me some time to zshush it up and I will take some snazzy photos for ya.
Hey dudes...have you been to pier one lately?  They have some really radical stuff for super cheap prices. I have been looking for wacky swirly frenchy chairs and I finally found them. 120 doll hairs and white to I can paint them whatever color I damn well please!

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Oscar Dresses Interpreted Into Rooms

I feel asleep! I cannot believe that I fell asleep during the Oscars. Boo! At least I dvr'd it but it is not the same. Anyway, I saw the red carpet and that is (almost) the most important part. I have my top three dresses and I will liken them to a room....

Mila Kunis can do no wrong these days!!!


House Beautiful

Red is my least favorite color but it seems to be popping up all over the place this Award season. Jennifer Lawrence looked RED HOT in this Calvin Klein (genius) dress.


Elle Decor

She looks like a mix of Barbie and Bewitched so I had to pick the room I did!


Oberto Gili

Honorable Mention

Elle Decor
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A Crush

I have a crush.  

It's on the color orange.  

Over the last few months, I've noticed my tendency to linger over photographs of interiors with orange accents.

  At first it was a subtle thing, almost as if I wasn't really sure why I liked the space.  

But over time, it became obvious what was drawing me.  Then it became a bit more serious . . .  

I started musing as to where I could include some orange in our house.  

Then,  I started searching for the perfect orange fabric - namely velvet.  

It had the be the perfect shade of orange at the perfect price. 

 And, last week, I found it! 

 I order two yards of this very delicious burnt orange velvet.  

I plan to incorporate its yumminess into our master bedroom.  As soon as it's complete, I will do a big reveal! 
I hope you have a wonderful Monday.  My advice - hit the ground running today.  Before you know it, Friday will be knocking on your door! M. 

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monday monday Hi Ya'll!!!

It's been a pretty great couple of weeks for domicile. jolene and I are so grateful that we are getting such great response to our projects and are thankful for all our potential projects that are on the arise and currently in the works. i'm very much looking forward to today's design meeting with our super talented friend and my former kwid co-worker tyler king. it's been fun working along side him once again. can't wait to show you guys what were working on...buuuutttttt it just not quite ready for a debut yet! more fun yet to come i promise! xo amanda

{Photos Amador Toril}
Arantza is a Spanish antique dealer. I love her loft! just my style. white walls, modern art, found objects. thanks french by design for posting this pretty apartment!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Think Pink

I have always been a fan of pink.  A color I love to wear in Spring and Summer.  This past winter I did wear a hot pink sweater that I love.  I easily give into my favorite colors regardless of the season.

As far as seasons go, this has been a COLD Winter!  I am so ready for Spring.  The month of February passed so quickly, March is blowing like a storm.   I began putting together a potting area to aid me through the final months of Winter.  How lovely is this vibrant pink Dahlia?  Placed on this brilliantly wrapped wreath.


For 2011, Pantone announces Color Of The Year, 18-2120 Honeysuckle.

I am currently working on a Master Bedroom for a client.   The end of November, we painted a Benjamin Moor color on one wall and hung framed flower of the month prints.  

Perfectly Pink...
What's your favorite color for 2011?
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Making Rugs by Hand.

The other day I was sent this digital postcard from The Rug Company (click on the image above to see it larger).
The Rug Company is a fabulous company based in London where they create beautiful, original and distinctive handmade rugs. The rug designs are by talented and experienced designers from all over the world (check out the gorgeous rug selection and room sets here), while the rugs themselves are made in Nepal.
This postcard came with a video clip, from a trip to Nepal, which demostrates in a nutshell how a handmade rug is created. It gave me a great insight to the quality of craftmanship and skill required in each rug. Watch the video here.
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Sneak Preview of What's To Come

I am looking forward to my next Accessory Profile.  Coming soon...

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Just cause it's purty

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Carved Headboards, A Resounding YES

Ok people. It's time to live a little. Throw out your notions of what your headboard SHOULD be and consider having some fun. Life is short after all. Perhaps this one, commissioned for a clients' Paris apartment, is a bit over the top, but you've seen plenty of other less ostentatious options. I say go for it!

Photo Credit: March 2010 The World Of Interiors, Interior Design by Vincent Darre.
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