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Friday, September 30, 2011

Little creative project for the weekend?

This little blackboard creative project is right up my street! In April last year, I look at using blackboard paint in the kitchen but I'm loving the inviting, cosy vibes of this lounge styled by Anouk B and photographed by Marjon Hoogervorst (who kindly contributed to our new catalogue).
This shot was inspired by their recent trip to Paris with my friend Desiree who also made gorgeous moodboards when she came back. I love Anouk & Marjon's style and I think it's wonderful when you can find a style soulmate like this and work together and I'm hoping they will ask me to join them next time (hint hint).
I don't know if the paper shade with black dots they used is the Paola Navone's since I only saw it with blue dots until then but it is also something that had been on my list of things to do to jazz up our hallway. In fact, it's probably the kind of little creative project I could do with Mila.
Have a wonderful Saturday! Today, if the family let me be, I just may be able to finish my Koushi lamp!
Ce petit projet créatif est fait pour moi! En April l'année derniere, j'avais exploré l'idée d'utiliser de la peinture de tableau noir dans la cuisine mais j;aime vraiment beaucoup le look de ce petit coin salon qui a été crée par la styliste Anouk B et photographié par Marjon Hoogervorst (qui a gentiment  contributée a notre new catalogue).
Cette photo a été inspiré par leur dernier voyage a Paris avec ma cops Desireequi elle aussi, a fait des moodboards canons a son retour. J'adore le style de Anouk & Marjon et je trouve génial de pouvoir trouver comme ca une style soulmate et d epouvoir travailler ensemble et j'espere que la prochaine fois elles me demanderont de les rejoindre :-)
Je ne sais pas si l'abat-jour en papier avec les gros points noirs qu'elles ont utilisé est celui de Paola Navone puisque je l'ai toujours vu qu'avec des gros points bleus mais ca aussi, c'est un projet qui est sur ma liste pour ameliorer notre entrée. En fait, c'est probablement le genre de petit projet créatif que je pourrais faire avec Mila.
Je vous souhaite un excellent Samedi! Aujourd'hui, si la famille me laisse vaquer a mon passe-temps favori, j'arriverais peut-etre à finir ma lampe Koushi.
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HHHHHHaaaaappppyyyyy Anniversareee

7 and a half years together and 5 years of wedded blissss.....


i love you.

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This Week I...

Worked with a client on some selections for her new home...
Wide shot of the granite place.

Some of our selections...

At cabinet shop...

Worked on some selections for the kitchen reno I'm working on...we are not going with this Herringbone tile but I had to take a photo as I am kinda in love with it.

Remember the dark, dreary and poorly designed before kitchen?
[I want to take a sledgehammer to those upper glass cabinets in a bad, bad way.]

Well here is the plan...thanks to the brilliance of Jay at Southeast Kitchens!
It will be tweaked with a dash of my brilliance (lol).

Worked on selections for a downtown bathroom reno...

See, they scatter...I mean no harm little fellas, I come in peace!

Went to the 3rd Annual Bubbly&Brew Event to help raise money and awareness for My Sister's House, a non-profit organization that provides services, programs and resources to empower domestic violence victims and their children to live free from abuse.
That's me on the left. And this pic was outside, there were lots of people there inside!

Thanks for the mention ladies, in your lovely blog! If you have not read Two Doors Down, please do so is filled with lots of good local resources and information!

Have a great weekend!

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Streets of Paris..

I cannot thank you all enough for your sweet comments and emails from the last two days..

I hope you are getting ready for a nice relaxing weekend..

This weekend my littlest one is having girls weekend with me and I am very excited.  Shopping and sweets and all kinds of girls only stuff!  

I am dreaming of Paris right now too, I wish I could take her there for the weekend! 

images by christina for greige 

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Happy Friday

It's been a very productive week for me.  I am working on a couple of projects I want to share with you very soon!  I will working on them over the weekend.  So, until next week . . . have a wonderful weekend.  M.  
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I'm so loving this bedroom....

It just feels very calming and peaceful...
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holiday Home at Shelter Island

I have previously posted about this relaxed Shelter Island holiday home belonging to Andrew Corrie, founder of Ochre and Canvas - see the lovely photos by Ditte Isager here.
Apartment Therapy have posted more photos of this "part beach shack, part Scandinvian cottage" which showcases some of the great products that came from the labels that Corrie found. See more of the house tour and the article here.
Photographs via Apartment Therapy.
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? I hate when I do this!

** Update: The light fixtures are from Ro Sham Beaux - here is the link!! Thanks Everyone!

So I found these light fixtures about a month ago! I love their sculptural quality and have been obsessed with anything gold lately!! Problem is??? I thought I saved the link but can't find it anywhere!! If you know where they're from, please drop me a line!! The quote below is loosely related but I loved the message!! CHOOSE TO SHINE! (it's honestly what got me through the past year - everything looks so bright now, so if you're going through a troubled time in your life, hang on, things always get better!)

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Masking tapes

So that's it, we've sent the pdfs of BODIE and FOU's first catalogue yesterday to the printer and last night, in bed at 8.30pm, I managed to sleep 10 hours. 
I'm glad I did because 10 min. ago, our printer called us in a state of panic saying that we had only done 32 pages instead of the 32 + 4 pages cover he had quoted and it would be more expensive to print 32 only...
Over the past few weeks, I've been practising plan B a lot...something is not working, you move on and work on plan B, sometimes I even had to work on plan C but having a plan B, C or D really helped me to move this first catalogue along and focus on the outcome rather than on the problems. Within 5 minutes, I had a plan B for this disaster news but in the end, the printer said it would cost the same so we've decided to run with it. Our catalogue will be 4 pages shorter than it should have been but at least it will be printed and on people's doorsteps on time!

Now the good news is that all our MT masking tapes are available here. I'm so excited by this. I love masking tapes, you can decorate a corner in your home so quickly with them and make it very personal. At home, I used the matte black masking tape to do our family moodboard in our lounge but Vosges Paris did hers using this blue one and Stilinspiration used this Cosmos pink and this soft grey and I thank them both greatly for their contribution to our catalogue (their moodboards look perfect in it!).
Last but not least, we have a new sponsor Curtains Made Simple and I recommend them you either pay them a visit or bookmark them because it's the kind of company that makes you life easier and you want to have in your little Interiors black book.
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Wooderson, Brigance and Barry

Nope, not a law firm. What are last names of Matthew McConaughey movie roles for $1,000!

I don't know if there is a woman on this planet that isn't in love with this man. Am I right? I could listen to him read me the phone book for hours and hours and hours and hours and....well, you know.

Personally, I like to call him Matthew McConaughey-hey-hey.

I even found him charming when he delivered the sleazy line "I keep getting older, they stay the same age." in Dazed and Confused.

I found it kinda hilarious when I came across his Airstream featured in Architectural Digest so I just had to share it with you fine people.
Photography by Jim McHugh

"If it looks good but it's not functional, then it's not worth anything." he says.

Wonder where he plays the bongos naked? Just sayin'.

I'm not certain but the Google search on (joking) tells me this is his bedroom. [Let's pause for a minute while I picture myself here..........]

The actor customized his 2004 Airstream International CCD 28 with a practical mindset. For example, he removed the picnic style table in the living area and had a craftsman in Louisiana build him a more traditional model. -via Architectural Digest

And you thought I was gonna take this opportunity to show a gratuitous typical shirtless Matthew shot.

Shame on you. 

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