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Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's Saturday, which means that the bf returns from his NYC trip today! I know I'm used to long distance, but since he was in another country this week, not being able to text or talk has been lonely!
Here is how I've been spending my Saturday anxiously awaiting his arrival:
1) Wore my fun tribal/ikat shorts out and about
2) Painted my nails in OPI's "My Chihuahua Bites"
3) Finished my Domino book that my guy got me for my birthday..
right in time because I received this Design Sponge book in the mail from
my lovely and thoughtful friend Breana. Thank you so much Bre for all of your support and love!
4) Finally found some acrylic trays. So happy.
^ Bre and I at graduation.
Hope you all are having a great weekend! I'll be posting again tomorrow in honour of  Canada Day!
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Rough Lux kitchen

Completely loving the rough look of the storage and counters in this kitchen.  Fits in so well with the exposed brick and beaming, not to mention the fabulous crates that are used like drawers.

images via
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I Need Your Vote!

Please take a second to vote for me in the Mission Small Business....I am trying to get to 250 votes by tomorrow!

Click on "log in and support"

Search "eclectic" (make sure you select boutiqe/design studio at 875 Coleman Blvd in Mount Pleasant, SC)

Click "vote"

That's it, you're done!

You can only vote once for me but you can vote for multiple businesses.

Thanks in advance for your support!!!

Have a great weekend!
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Three Years Old

A stylish Notting Hill home by Charles Mellersh Design Studio.

The Charlotte Minty Interior Design blog is 3 years old today. My, time has flown and it has been great pursuing this digital interior design diary over the years. If you've been following my blog over this time, thanks so much for your support and lovely comments. I hope you have found great interior design inspiration and continue to do so.
The above images is from a posting this time last year. I still really like this stylish Notting Hill home by Charles Mellersh Design Studio. So I have expanded this post by adding more images of the same place and its lovely details. Enjoy.

Photographs via Charles Mellersh Design Studio.
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Learning How to Blog

I've been blogging for a few months now, and it's taken me awhile to really figure out exactly what I want to convey through my blog and how to do that. I took a major step by investing in a new blog design that would make the impression I want to make. The biggest lesson I've learned is that blogging is a huge time commitment (more than I had bargained for or anticipated), but definitely worth it.
I've still got ALOT of learning to do, which is why I was so excited to discover that Alt is offering us their online blogging classes  for free with Bing! #thanksbing
 There are so many amazing classes to choose from. The times helped me narrow it down a little bit..I don't get off work until 3 pm (so I have to pass up some great ones about inspiration board design and graphic design...maybe next time). But, I would love to take "Growing Readership" and "Getting Started with Advertising for Bloggers". "Blogging 101: The Basics for Getting a Head Start" would be a great alternative!

It's the Summer of Doing with Bing! Spread the word to get in on this amazing deal HERE. Woo! Have a great weekend everyone :)
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House beaute

does it again....

creamy and rough....chain and shaggy...everything amazing

chalkboard under the bar, great idea...seen it before but I still love it
dig the fridge

The bench cushion, I am currently doing this same style in a clients house...greatness

camel chair with white deets on the back cushion....bitchin

normally I like a little more color in my decor..but this house, I could love
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Favourite Furniture Fridays: My Best Friend Craig

Hi Everyone!  I'm Charmaine from My Best Friend Craig.  I'm so happy to be here at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design to share to you my favorite piece of furniture.

When we moved to our first house 3 years ago, we didn't own much furniture.  I am a bargain shopper and I love all things vintage.  I would shop on craigslist (hence my blog name), thrift shops and antique malls most of the time.  But I am also a big fan of mixing old and new.  High and low.  So when it came to the sofa,  I knew I had to buy an investment piece.

I fell in love the minute I saw this...
a charcoal gray tufted sofa.  

I actually love it so much that we were fortunate to get a second one as a house warming present from my parents...
I love the modern lines and they are so comfy too!  These are definite keepers!

Thanks Tiffany for having me over today!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Charmaine is such a wonderful blogger and blog friend, you all must go check her out. She has so many gorgeous pieces, I don't know how she narrowed it down (like check out those X-benches and marble coffee table). This sofa is classified as a tuxedo sofa because the height of the arms is the same height as the back! A tuxedo sofa is on my MUST HAVE list for my future house.
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Vintage blues

Soft warm blues.. so lovely.  I cannot believe it is already Friday (again).  What do you have planned for the weekend?  We are just catching up around here, breakfast plans with friends and the flea market on Sunday morning.

images via pinterest
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Little Fish

So I am slowly trying to move into the shop. For you local folks you can see my sad attempts through the windows. I had an event there last week for a friend who was launching her business, Little Fish, and so that sparked me to get some of the pretty things together in time but there is a long road ahead! Bare with me folks....I'm working as hard and as fast as I can! 

Here are some photos from our event...

Brook (far right) is the owner of Little Fish

That is me in the middle of two of my favorite friends!

So sad that my Instagam pics are better than Nikkon pics. 

Go check out her website sells all kinds of children's items made by Charleston artisans (several are pictured above!). 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weigh in on: Art on the Floor

This shh cray...or is it? Today I'd like you readers to weigh in on a question I've been pondering lately: Does art on the floor look chic, or simply unfinished? Part of me says hang those babies! And the other part thinks that when it's done right it looks totally cool. I'd be a bit nervous of knocking it over though (I'm quite clumsy). As you can see, I'm you vote! Yes or No?
^ The pallet ties it all in in this dreamy, girly space.
 ^ The fashion inspired elements of these prints and the colouring compliment the dining room's chic style perfectly. Would the walls looks too blank if the writing wasn't there?
unknown source?
^I think that this one looks good because of the leaning art on the higher level. It looks balanced and purposeful, as opposed to "I'm too lazy to hang this right now".

So...did you decide? xo
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