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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy First Day of September

There is nothing like the first day of September to know that better things are to come - warmer weather, longer days and more sunshine. Things just seem more promising at this time of the year.
Here's a rather grand and welcoming dining set up on a grassy roof-top terrace in New York (yep, that's the impressive skyline to the left) to help look towards summer.
Photograph by Francois Harlard for Vogue Magazine via Habitually Chic.
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Abigail Ahern's London Home on The Selby

LOVE this dog!

Here is the home of London designer, Abigail Ahern via The Selby.
She's a fan of dark inky colours on the walls as her home demonstrates so well. She also believes that interiors should have personality and not to be taken too seriously. Good advice.
Read more about what she likes here or see more of The Selby house tour here.
Photographs via The Selby.
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Hello, hello sorry it's been a late blogging week. I've been swamped but am happy to report that I've hired two part time assistants! Hopefully with the much needed help, I'll have a bit more time to get creative with the design blogging!! I hope to have some fresh and updated posts to share with you all this Fall!!

Okay, onto the post. I'm still spying spots everywhere! Which for me is a good thing, they add just the right amount of energy and a bit of hip factor to a home or outfit. Be it antelope, polka dots or leopard, it doesn't really matter to me, I adore them all. Happy Wednesday!
 Images: Pinterest, Elle Decor and Atlantic-Pacific, Coco Cozy (top right image)

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Our first BODIE and FOU video....

Last week, we had a film crew from 90secondsTV in the office to shoot a video about BODIE and FOU and our workspace at The Light Box....

It was our first BODIE and FOU video and we had a lot of fun making it with the guys. I think Aurora comes across very well...

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one room 2 Looks with: FULL HOUSE

Ever think to yourself, 
"Hey I wonder what would life be like with one set of twins AND one set of triplets???"

To be honest, the idea has NEVER crossed my mind until I stumbled upon Christina's blog over at
  Full House blog. 

You see Mrs.Amazingsupermom of the century, is not just the mother of 5 kiddos. She also has a wicked design eye. She is very talented, and has fantastic great taste..... Oh and did I mention that she is rully rully purty and has awesome hair??!!

Anyways, I asked if she wanted to partake in a good ole game of "One room Two ways"....and she said yeahhaaa.. SO here is the end product...
Buckle Up Lovers!


Hi there dearest readers of Amber's blog...whose blog I truly do enjoy.  It is a pleasure to be able to play with you all today.  I mean who wouldn't want to play dress up of the home...especially the non-committal kind.  Anyway I had this lavender guest room just hanging out and since I have a handful of children I decided to make my styling come to life in a place that I could lock up if needs be.  For starters I recruited my husband to haul the black and white sofa into the room.  The sofa actually has a damask print seat cushion and needs to be updated to my liking but for this exercise we went with the rigging method.  In fact I do not think I have ever rigged as many things in my life until I had a handful of kids.  You learn to do that on the fly when managing a home with a bunch of little ones and resources are slim.  With that being said don't look too closely because you will see a tablecloth wrapped around the sofa cushion, fabric folded on the side brass chair that clearly is covering the gold vinyl cushion and a set of curtains that may be thumb tacked to the wall.  I tried really hard to use what I already had around the house but I must admit that through doing this that I finally took fabric that I had sitting around and turned them into the curtains and pillows that they were meant to be (thank you Amber).

For the first look we tried to go with what I am calling the uptown hippy girl look..or whatever.  The colors are much more feminine, well travelled,festive and full of life. To achieve this particular look then I would say the colors and that ethnic looking rug were key.  I didn't want the room to look too boho so I tried to offset with the clean lines of the mirror, a painted abstract city scape piece and with sleek neutral pillows on the sofa. Everything in the room was either collected at the thrift store or Home Goods with the exception of the curtains, rug, oh and those nice colorful little accent pillows.

For the second look I was going for something edgier with a splash of masculine.  You know, to offset the lavender walls..just in case my husband had to live in a room like this in real life (In real life it also has a full size bed in it if you catch my drift.ha).  Back to accomplishing that objective...I made sure to use colors that would look fine with lavender but were masculine.  I first pulled the striped curtains from my husbands office as the starting point.  I then made a pillow out of a bunch of scrap leather to give it an edgier look.  Next I went with the dollar bill art and the little triangle square number to hang on the wall.  I switched out the "fruity' little pineapple lamp for a big sculptural brass lamp and pretty much called it good..well except for the switch-a-roo of a few accessories and that rug.  Again everything was basically from Craigers, Home Goods or acquired through the art of thrifting...just in case you were wondering (even that ikat fabric was thrifted).  Thrifting was also how I justified purchasing a couple of the finer fabrics shown...because I save SO much money by thrifting...and that is the story and I'm stickin to it;-)

Again thanks again for having me Amber.  Now I am off to finish decorating the room for real life.

I mean...... Right, totally, like OMG..

Here...let me help you lift your jaw up off the floor.

Don't you dare forget to go and say hello to Mrs. Full house and don't you dare forget to tell her how amazing she is.


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I know, I know I should be savoring my last week of Summer with the kids at home.
But there is so much to be done and I am waiting for Fall with baited breath.  
I love the cooler evenings after the long visit of Summer, and the chance to wear the boots and other things that have been hiding in my closet since Spring...

images via Pinterest

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Find of the Day - Flower Artisan & New On Line Magazine

Usually, my finds of the day tend to be objects - an affordable accessory, a piece of furniture that I think is smokin' hot, or a really neat website.  Well today, I am revealing a person - Sarah Winward of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I stumbled upon Sarah on Pinterest and found her incredible little flower shop Honey of A Thousand Flowers to be simply delightful.  

Her site is ultra hip, and she has some very interesting links to photography and food blogs BOTH of which will melt in your mouth.

  While exploring her site, I saw a post she did on a new online magazine - Kinfolk Magazine "A Guide for Small Gatherings" which was totally new to me.  Sarah was actually featured in the magazine.

And suffice it to say, I am totally smitten with it.

 This magazine has such a sophisticated home grown feel to it.  I know that sounds contradictory, but trust me, it is not!! You will just have to see it for yourself - Kinfolk Magazine.  When you have some time today, click over and check it out.

I hope you make the most of your day.
It's Wednesday, and we are on the downhill to the weekend!  M.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swedish Farmhouse and Sustainable Furniture by Norrgavel.

As noted from Emma's blog, here are some catalogue photos from Swedish furniture company, Norrgavel (North End) which were taken at remote farmhouse in Jamtland, Sweden. Norrgavel are known for their sustainable and classic furniture.
They have used the calm and stripped back aesthetic of this farmhouse to their full advantage as they display their wares for their Autumn brochure. Cosy.
Photographs via Norrgavel.
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Less is more

I torn this page from an old Elle Deco ages ago and put it on my bedroom wall next to our linen curtains ages ago. I love it. I don't know...there is something very calming about this image of these old boots, neatly organized against the wall. They look simple, they are just shoes and yet I think it is a beautiful image. I also love the courier typeface used...everything works very well here. It's simple things like these that inspire me. I have another shot on my mood board at work with a quote from Flaubert that says: "Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work"

And for me, that summarizes my creative process...I need order, I need whites at home to then take my mind onto more colourful places. See you tomorrow

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favorite fabric of the month

pretty huh?


"Chunari" in Fuchsia
from Raoul Textiles 

is gonna get dominated by me

you see..

I have been patiently waiting for the right client and house to use this 
and I have finally, FINALLY found a home for it's majesty!!!

I am making floor to ceiling curtains and
I am gonna decorate the pants off of this room..

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Grey and white roman shades

I love the clean lines of the roman shades in both spaces.   Perfect with the thick casing I think!
images via pink wallpaper

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Design Perspective: J. Hirsch Interior Design

I thought you could use a little pick me up today.  
This is the work of the amazingly talented Janie Hirsch of J. Hirsch Interior Design in Atlanta, Georgia.  Enjoy.

Now that should get you through the day! M.
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