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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paris in the Spring...

I am so missing Paris right now..  I love to visit in the spring!  I have had many emails as of late asking to share my favorite places in Paris and France so I thought that I would put together a post this coming week with all of the things that make Paris my favorite city.  

I would love to have you share your favorites too!  I am sure those who are traveling this coming year would like a glimpse into what makes the city so special to so many people. 

Wishing you a dream filled Saturday!

These are the sweet treats that my hubby brought me back from his trip just a few short weeks ago.

Love Laduree....

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Birthday girl in white heaven...

Today, I'm turning 43 and I have to say that I'm happy...Not that it is my Birthday, I don't really care (except when my family forgets about it but they didn't...), no I'm happy because I feel good in my own skin and happy with what I have in my life.
I live with the love of my life who not only I think, is good-looking but has great taste and showered me with beautiful gifts this morning from Mont Blanc and COS.
I have a wonderful child who is becoming an amazing, funny and witty little person, a business that I'm passionate about.
I have friends that I have known for 25 years and others that I only met online but who are very much present in my daily life.
I have a first catalogue that received an Award early this week, a great team and people around me I enjoy working with. 
I have still fire in my belly and the willingness to try things, take risk and I have decided that I will make the most of what rest of my life and if you're still not convinced, read this wonderful article by Marc Winn who I adore, on the advantage of being happy.

Below is another home designed by my design hero Jacqueline usual, very beautiful and you can still get a few Morabito designs on BODIE and FOU here.
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Favourite Furniture Fridays: Barcelona Day Bed

When Charmaine from My Best Friend Craig commented on last week's F.F.F saying she dreams of owning a Barcelona Day Bed, I knew that I had to feature this stunning piece. I too am a lover of the sleek design of the Barcelona series, and the day bed is so chic!
Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, this piece was created with a modern sensibility and has withstood the test of time. It still looks contemporary over 80 years later!
^Jen Ramos of Made By Girl has one, and we all know she has fabulous taste. Here's another shot of it in her former Las Vegas home:
Carlos Souza's apartment in Rome, via Elle Decor
Ralph Lauren's beach house in Long Island, via Elle Decor

-individual leather squares
-leather straps
-African ramim hardwood
-polished stainless steel legs

Do you prefer the white, the black or the caramel leather? I just can't decide. I'll take one of each please!
xox Tiffany Leigh
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This Week I...

Am getting so excited to see all the pretty bits come together at a client's home. That tile you see will be on the entire wall behind those cabinets and it will be STUNNING! (I feel like you have to sing the word STUNNING as if you were on Glee.)
Do you like the little paint chip ring I made for my client so she can keep all her paint colors handy? I'm the best designer ever. You should totally hire me.

 Check out the tile we put in the same client's master is GORGEOUS!!! I told her I would feel like every time I showered I would discover a new favorite. They look like aerial shots of landscapes to me. This iPhone pic does not do it justice. LOVE. 

I have made a new friend, David Frasier, at Reclaimed Design Works. They have the most beautiful showroom at 132 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. I am getting some old barn wood, 28' beams and some reclaimed mantles for a clients home. They are beyond AMAZING! 

Oh, I'm also doing an "art piece" above the fireplace in another room with these wood tiles.

Y'all should definitely go check out their showroom, you will be blown away! Tell David I sent you in there.

So this weekend is the Cooper River Bridge Run. If you are curious if I am running it the answer is no. a) I don't run. b) I walk to bridge at least three times a week but I don't enjoy doing it with 40,000 other people. 
But it is a fun weekend in Charleston so you might see me somewhere afterwards drinking a Bloody Mary!

Then I get to go see my three favorite boys in the world....
If you can believe it, they've actually never been to see me in Charleston so while they are staying at Grandma and Granddad's, they are going to come spend some time with Aunt Sidney in Charleston. I couldn't be more excited!!! 

Have a great weekend y'all!

Eclectic has been nominated as Best Interior Design Blog by JDR Annual Blogger Industry Awards, please click on the link and take a second and vote for me! You don't have to register or anything....just check a box. Many thanks!!!  

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Cottage Love

As most of you know I'm planning to move within the next six months or so. (fingers crossed) This is exciting and scary on a number of levels. I don't have a huge budget for a home but I believe if I find a little house I can make it a beautiful spot for my children and me! I'd like it to be small in scale, and near the ocean. Any of these homes would be perfect! I've been holding on to the top image for years now and below is my newest favorite. I adore L.A. style bungalows or sweet cape styles that were built in the 40's-60's. Happy Friday!
This is my newest favorite!!

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Oh so Manly..

How amazing is this Manhattan home of the Chief Creative Officer at Ralph Lauren?  It is so very manly and I love the mix of vintage and new.  The tolix chairs alone make the space for me.  

What do you have planned for this weekend?  I am taking a well needed break from work and activities for a little relaxing time at home.  

Also, don't miss out on One Kings Lane's newest vintage sales that started just yesterday.  Just think of all of the great goodies you can find everyday!

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Babe Behind the Blog: Tobe from Because It's Awsome

name // tobe

how would you define your interior design style?

balanced. i am drawn to almost all styles, colorways, eras and design philosophies. a little bit feminine, a little bit masculine. spaces rich with pieces that have stories to tell. glamorous, rustic and antiquated all at once. i've always been this way. it freaks a lot of people out, but my inspiration seems to come together just fine in the end. (at least, i hope so anyway!)

what 3 things can you not live without?

wine, red wine, dry red wine

what are 3 things people don't know about you?

i'm quazi gangster,
i was a certified band geek in middle school (first chair clarinet 3 years solid),
i have to read maps upside down

your most treasured possession?

 my amy kligman original painting

dirty little secret

our office has looked like this since the day we moved in last december.

your fave room in your home

whichever room these sweet babes are in

i wanna be a blank when i grow up

happy with a healthy family, a beautiful home, and a job i love.
preferably as an urban B&B owner in the heart of Kansas City's arts district, if i'm being specific

thanks for having me, Amber!! ox

No, Thank YOU Tobe.....Because YOU'RE Awesome!

Go HERE  to peep her scene!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interiors Portfoilo by William Waldron

New Lebanon, New York

Home of American painter John Dowd in Provincetown - for Elle Decor.

The home of Daniel Romualdez in Montauk.

New Lebanon, New York.

Mount Vernon Conservatory with Victoria Hagan for House Beautiful

At Nora Sheehan's, Sag Harbour, New York
Home of Paul Kellogg and Raymond Han in Cooperstown, New York for Town and Country

I have been browsing through the portfoilo of photographer William Waldron and one has to admire the vast range of interiors that he has seen and taken all over the world. I have chosen a few to show you and recommend that you check out the rest of his portfolio here.
Photographs by William Waldron. 
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