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Sunday, January 31, 2010

In The Buff

A Snob Top Ten Color for 2010 is Shelburne Buff HC-28 by Benjamin Moore.





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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pretty In Pink

One of Snob's Top Ten 2010 Colors is Pink Buff 1285 - Benjamin Moore. 



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Friday, January 29, 2010

tie dye to die for.

maya romanoff is always cutting edge with their products, and this time i think they are going to be ahead of the fashion forward curve. in doing some research (cough, watching tv), i found out maya started his business in the late 60's when tie dye was common, hip, and trendy. below are a couple samples of his attempt to bring it back in 2010 as shown in his new wallcoverings collection. who knows maybe the trend will catch the fashion wave. i think even if it's in a small pattern, like the picture below, it is a cool wave to ride. domicile is predicting spring 2010 to be a tie dye season. sure it's similar to ikat, but more rockstar. just like we like it. jolene.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

hotel + art

how cool is this hotel? i came across this hotel while looking for more art compositions. you would think with all of this frequent research i would have it together by now. i'm not even really a perfectionist, but for some reason right now with the condo i feel that i have to have everything exact. i guess it's a good problem to have? anyway, this hotel, hotel pulitzer, is in rome. i was going to travel to rome to study abroad in college, but i didn't want to have the hefty student loans that came along with that decision, so i declined. it's times like these i wish i hadn't. i always told myself i could travel there later. i'm sure i will. eventually. design research? is that a tax write off, h&r block? (we have been watching commercials lately due to the dvr deleting our shows...umpf.) jolene.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

design SNOOPS

Today, we are starting a new weekly blog feature and calling it Design SNOOPS! We will be snooping around a neighborhood near you to dig-up great home and garden designs and will be featuring a couple great design finds each week. This week we've captured a few goodies from Manhattan Beach, CA for you to enjoy!

* * *

This house is lovely example of Cape Cod/Beach architecture with a twist of classical elements. We love the wood shakes and stacked stone, (great color choices!) and the classical pediment, columns and pilasters over the balcony. The house is soft and bold at the same time!

Another cute Cape Cod, this version features painted wood siding instead of the ceder shake, and leans towards a more traditional English cottage facade with its white picket fence, vine-dangling arbors, and of course, whimsical garden roses. Note the use of stacked stone on the entry walkway as well which is very in keeping with the style.

If you think there is something snoop-worthy about your house, email us a pic with a one-liner about why you love it!
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pretty colors.

floors. drool. ceiling. yummy. jolene.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

less is best.

this past friday i hosted a cooking club dinner (or supper for those of you in the midwest). it was a great way to clean the house, finish some of the rooms that have been awaiting a designer touch, and of course eat good food. during my cleaning period i became obsessed with throwing things away. i wish i could count how many times i have been asked...where did you put my...once you live in a clean, put-away space, it makes it so easy to come home. this space below is something i would strive for. minimal furniture. nothing hiding. tall ceiling. amazing art. jolene.

*images via marie claire maison
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Two Better Than One?

I dragged my husband and baby out this weekend to shop for a new sofa. (Lucky me, we found an amazing sofa, chair & ottoman! But that's not what this post is about ;) ) While out browsing I came across a chair upholstered in two different fabrics - well actually, it was leather and a great textured fabric. What do you think? Could be a fun way to introduce more texture and interest.

This idea could be fantastic in the right room. Brings a bit of a modern, unique look to an otherwise standard arm chair. In the case of this beauty from HD Buttercup, I like how it was upholstered in materials of the same color.

Then I got home and was surfing my usual design blogs (in this case it was Desire to Inspire) and found this image of a room at a Firmdale Hotel in London - what a coincidence! A perfect example of when this could be really fun!

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kate moss monday.

it's officially awards season. my favorite time of the year. i love the speeches. i love the dresses. i love the accessories. with all of this inspiration around me over the past couple of weeks and more to come, i have been researching fashion blogs and drooling. check out this new collection by kate moss. jolene.

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