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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Work - Kitchen

I got a lovely email today with images of a job I worked on about 2 years ago alongside Tse Wallace Architects. I introduced the clients and architects to each other and the job was a sizeable extension to an existing house in Masterton. I later came on board as the interior designer and designed the kitchen.
While there were a few trips over the hill to Masterton for the occasional meeting, the clients did most of the project management themselves. So it was great to see the finished product today in my email box.
Photographs from Tse Wallace Architects.
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memorial day sale.

ok, you have to check out ann taylor loft today and take advantage of their awesome memorial day sale. everything in the store is 40% off. no. matter. what. here are some of the accessories i was planning on purchasing. that is until the husband said the necklace looked like a bib. no worries. i'm going back with amanda :) hope you enjoy the beautiful weather and remember those who have died for our country. jolene.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm NOT A Morning Momma

Mornings have always been hard for me, but when I had my baby they became a whole new world of hard. The last thing I wanted was my husband's alarm waking up my peaceful, sleeping baby! Here is my Momma tip for you....the Moonbeam alarm clock!

I love its retro style, but best of all it has an extremely bright light that flashes to wake you up. (I tried to find a video of this. If you've seen "In Good Company" with Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid you may remember that Quaid wakes up to this) Perfect when you have a newborn in the same room or within close quarters! You may not think a light will wake you up, but honestly it is really bright at wakes me up from across the room. If you sleep through the light, an alarm bell rings 5 mins later.

And check out just some of the colors it comes in...

You can buy these through a couple online stores, including L.L.Bean where I bought ours. This alarm clock is an oldie, but a goodie!


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Friday, May 28, 2010

292 - Update

The kitchen all ready and waiting for the new joinery's arrival on Monday.
Trims and architraves are done and ready for painting.
Me (posing really badly) looking extremely unsexy and soppy wet but still rather pleased with myself, re: the full skip behind.

It's a super-cold and super-wet weekend in Wellington, however that cannot stop us from the work we need to do around 292. There was two waist high piles of building rubbish outside that needed to be cleared and that job was mine. Dad needed to continue prepping the interior windows ready for the painters coming soon - yes, he remained inside and was very dry...

292 is slowly coming together. The trims and architraves have been completed in the downstairs apartment. The kitchen and bathroom joinery will arrive on Monday for installation. Euan the builder will be spending a week of doing all those small jobs and details that need to be done before the painting team arrives the following week to blitz the place into colour...well, grey and white. Looking forward to it.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.
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Ace Hotle Palm Springs

i've been seeing the ace hotel pop up on blogs for a little bit now, i love it's modern aesthetic and it is a definite must see next time i'm in the palm springs area. may make a special trip out there to see it sometime soon! sorry the blog was a little on the late side today, was shopping with our client this morning then jolene made me go to a yummy happy hour this afternoon. good times! have a great weekend! enjoy! amanda

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Closet Space

A wardrobe built for a man.

The suits all hung nice and neat in a row, closed and dust free.

The dining table displays the time and any accessories needed with easy access.

Well lit and plenty of space.

Closets are not only for women.
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Tot Blogs You Won't Want to Miss

We've had so much fun featuring baby gear and baby nurseries this week as part of our special collaboration with CSN stores to giveaway a free $60 gift card. If you love reading about all things baby (we know you're out there!!) then here are some good suggestions for other blogs we love:

This has always been one of my favorite blogs! While the author (mother of 3 and twin sister) does not always blog specifically about baby/kids stuff, she often features her 3 adorable kiddos (like this one below) through her breathtaking photography and is just one of those creatives who is just good at everything ya know! You will love her tutorials, recipes, photos, etc.

This cute blogger lives in Dallas and posts all the cute baby decor she finds as she decorates her future son's nursery like this display from Purl Soho NYC.

For cool baby gear suggestions and reviews, I like this blog: She also does popular baby names, celebrity baby sightings and other fun tid-bits. It's a good blog.

And of course, a little celebrity blog action is always fun, right! People Magazine's baby blog: has got all the coverage. I like to know what cool baby stuff I would buy if I had all the money in the world.

Don't forget to enter our contest this week to win a $60 gift card to any of the 250 CSN online stores. To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite baby names and become a follower of this blog. xoxo, Emily
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Long Weekend...Here I Come!


I am going to pretend this is where I will be spending my Memorial Day Weekend! Not that I am complaining, Charleston ain't too shabby. And I am excited to be attending the SOS Memorial Day Party at the new Lookout Pavilion at Patriot's Point. Hope you are too! You can get tickets here (all proceeds go to benefit breast cancer patients on a local level). So after this event, some fun on the beach/boat and many, many cocktails, I want to spend Monday here....

via Apartment Therapy

Or let's be honest, curled up on the sofa watching trash TV. Bravo, I am counting on you!!!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old World Elegance from The Sartorialist

Here is some old world European elegance from photographer Scott Schuman and his blog, The Sartorialist.
This is Degand, a menswear retail store on 415 Avenue Louise, Brussels. I would love to visit this store - it has that classic understated luxury that feels like a grand home rather than a retail store. Its beautiful details like the parquet flooring, Turkish rugs, timber fittings and crystal chandelier make the merchandise seem very special. You can smell the leather and know that the service will be impeccable - a true sartorial experience. This interior is timeless.
Photographs via the Sartorialist.
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Happy Friday

It's a freezing cold wintery day in Wellington - this photo sums up where I want to be right now. Happy Friday and keep warm this weekend.
Photograph source unknown. Let me know if you know!
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Light Up Your Space

I have talked about these amazing lights from Light Garden before. Well, these silver dollar stems arrived at the store and they are now my new favorites!

Place in your favorite vase and colored glass stems, what a great look.

To see these gems come into What's In Store, 125 N. Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Or call 719-633-4582 for information.
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Kiddo Kool

Guess who this adorable kids room was designed for...

This stylish brood...

{ps. for those to-be-mommas out there, chris martin is pushing my exact stroller (bugaboo dark grey chameleon), and it is AMAZING! }

Gwyneth Palthrow is my favorite female celebrity. She is beautiful, has great taste, an adorable family, and the best part, she deals with being in the public eye with grace and humility. I always love to watch her do interviews and check out her outfits!

If you like her too, you should definitely read her blog/website GOOP. It's all about Gwyneth's favorite things - food, shopping, trends, kids books, traveling, etc, etc, etc.

Check out some pictures from GOOP's most recent newsletter of the amazing loft that was created for Paltrow and her family in Nashville - IN 10 DAYS!

You should really read the whole article and see all the pictures. Designer Annette Joseph gives great details on how she created this space with such a time crunch, and sources just about everything. A very fun read!


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i love chocolate!!

i love chocolate! really i love anything that has sugar in it! but especially chocolate! i have unfortunately given most of it up as i have found that is ALWAYS sometimes gives me a case of the pimples. SO not fair!! Here are a couple of my favorite chocolate brands! YUMMMMMY!!
fauchon opened their first store in 1886 in paris at 26 place de la madeleine.

Sucré (French for "sugared") is an emporium of artisan sweets located in the heart of the Garden District in Uptown New Orleans. Everything we create is handmade in small batches from the finest ingredients available, often inspired from local flavors. Shop now for artisanal chocolates, handcrafted confections and Parisian macaroons.

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