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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

greige in the simple bath

This is so simple and yet so fun!  I love it.. I have found lately that my taste is varied, I am having a hard time putting a finger on my personal style, because I like a little of everything it seems..  
Possibly over exposure I think..

image via
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Steal the Look: Animal Print Pillows

Animal print is so in right now, and some people really know how to use it.
My jaw literally dropped when I saw this image last week:
via Pawleys Island Posh
Gorgeous Right? But a leopard chair might not be for everyone (even though it should be...).
A great alternative would be to get a leopard print pillow, which is less of a commitment and definitely more affordable.
via Etsy
These bolster pillows have a similar toned print to the upholstered chair, which is more subtle than the traditional bold gold and black. It reads as a neutral. Why not reverse the image above and throw these on a coral chair! (Wait...what do you mean the hubby wouldn't approve of a coral chair either!?).

via Gary Riggs
I just adore this room by Gary Riggs. The combination of teal and purple and gold is rich and jewel-y. The most unexpected thing in this room for me is the zebra striped pillow, which adds a hit of darkness and bold pattern to a more traditional space.
via Etsy
This lumbar pillow has the same chunky stripe as the room above! Love that.

Are you a fan of animal print?
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channelling Jackie

In honor of the late Jackie O's birthday on July 28th, I thought I'd share a fashion post inspired by her timeless, colorful style.  Plus, I was overdue and had a request for a "fashion" post. Jackie, we'll always love your style. I can't lie, I'm inspired by this fashion icon when purchasing the classic pieces for my wardrobe! I'm also loving red and turquoise at the moment.
channelling Jackie

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Vintage Nature Collections

"A carefully laid out collection of eggs bought from a farmer who gathered them in the 1950's".

A striking butterfly collection sits alongside an oil painting and a boat propellor.
Just some vintage nature collection porn for a Tuesday evening. See the rest of this Victorian seaside cottage and its collections here.
Photographs by Sharyn Cairns via Homelife.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Feeling Coastal

As we head into the August heat, I cannot stop thinking about the beach.  


Spending a few days on the coast reading a book with the ocean at my feat, only to get up for lunch and bringing right back to the best spot in the world.

I have to admit, I recently became hooked on the television show Revenge.

The series is based in the Hamptons and I have been inspired since watching the first episode.

Living at the foot of Pikes Peak is certainly a much different feel than being near the ocean.  I find myself making up for it by bringing out my favorite glass fish plates and seahorse shakers to display and use during the summer months.

I just began working on entryway spaces, different looks and ideas for creating a good first impression.

Before entering a home, the front door is the real first impression.  I love this photo posted on NJdesign Decorating facebook page. 

Maria Killam shares a great blog post about painting front doors in accent colors. Click here to read her article.

So with my inspiration of breathing in the ocean air, I share my first entryway design...
An entryway should be just as beautiful as the rest of the home.  Seating is essential for putting on and taking of shoes, sandals and galoshes.

When designing and picking out key pieces of furniture for just inside the front door, I make sure there is a spot to drop keys and any other items that need a temporary holding place.  

Baskets are great containers to catch all loose items. Additional lighting is always a good thing, lamps and pendant lighting combined.  Mirrors open up a wall and serve the purpose for putting on lipstick before slipping out the door. 

No matter where you live, an entryway should set the tone for the rest of your space.  Make it a functional and inviting place to enter. 

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In detail..

Good morning!  After a little blogging/technology break yesterday I am feeling so refreshed and ready to get the week going!  This image is amazing in so many ways.. well the most obvious is the detail in the doorways.. then the clean simplicity is pretty fantastic.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I have so much to share I am hoping to get to it all this week!  

image via pinterest 
interior design by Katrin Cargill

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Coral Chevron, Coral Jeans

My new fabric arrived from Tonic Living and wouldn't you know it, it's the perfect compliment to my coral skinnies! I'm going to make the cutest throw pillows for my new place with this (once I learn how to sew that is). It also comes premade as a throw pillow, for those of us who can't make our own...I probably should have gone this route.
I feel like I'm going slightly insane with the amount of pillows (and combo of patterns) that I'm planning to cram into my tiny space but I mean come on! Did a little over pillowfication ever hurt anyone?
Everyone loves coral, everyone loves chevron, therefore this fabric is perfection, no?
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Design Delimma - The Corner

Sorry, I could not resist!

  Over the years, I have notice a few small areas which always seem to trip up clients when decorating their homes.  So, I thought I would take some time to discuss them.  First up, the corner.  Many comment on it, and others struggle with it, but may not even realize the isse.  The dilemma . . . how to deal with a corner where two simple walls meet.  No architecture to save you - just plain, empty walls.
I know, it sounds so simple and many of my clients feel silly when they mention it to me.  They say, "what do we do in the corner?"  While every space is unique (when you take into account the rooms layout, the clients furnishings and the artwork available), there are couple of general thoughts to help you tackle this spot.

For starters, you need to create a focal point on the main wall of any space - and it needs to Wow you.  This will take you farther than you can image in dealing with a tough corner.  Once that is accomplished, think about these tricks to address the corner.

Bare is not Blah

It's ok for a wall to be bare.
Do you see that empty corner? Yes, it is totally bare.  The reason it does not seem odd is because the focal points in the room are drawing your eye.

When a client asks, "What do we put on this wall?" and I say, "nothing." I can sometimes see them deflate before my very eyes.  Then, as the rest of the room begins to come together, they realize what I'm talking about and how the corner just fades away.  It has lots to do with creating the right focal points.

 This is a very hard concept for many of my clients.  I think one reason is most homeowners have entirely too much furniture, artwork,  and accessories in a space.  What you don't include in a space is just as important as what you do include.   When all the other walls are covered in artwork and furnishings, an empty wall can feel odd and unfinished.  The trick is to edit out other pieces to balance the space.  Blank walls in your rooms allow one's eye to rest and bring them back to the focal point of the space.  It's just that simple.

Another reason blank walls are difficult for clients - unlimited access to professionally photographed rooms.  Homeowners these days have more access to inspirational images than ever before.  The problem, however, is such images rarely include empty corners.  The photographs are a slice of the room which only includes the major feature wall of the space.  If you've ever been part of a photo shoot, you know what I'm talking about!  Homeowners get so used to seeing these images, it becomes difficult to translate them into their own spaces which have corners and spots that are never included in inspirational images.  Trust me, blank walls are in every well designed space.  

Think Contrast

When a blank wall just won't do it for you . . .  OK, I have a few clients (who will remain nameless) who simply can not accept a blank wall.  They insist we put something on every wall.  If you are in this category, the trick to a great corner is to mix it up.  What I mean is create contrast.

If you have an oil painting on one wall of a corner, you need to do something different on the other wall else it will not feel "right."  You simply can not continue to hit the same note and expect a different sound! Consider a mirror, architectural remnant or something framed that is not normally considered artwork.  This will allow each wall to stand on it's own and not compete.

In this image, it is a little difficult to see, but there is artwork on the back wall and an antique, weathered ladder on the left wall to create contrast.

In this image, the homeowner has used a decorative clock on the opposing wall.  This creates contrast with the traditional artwork that makes the corner work.

In this example, the mirror on the right wall contrasts the small artwork in the opposing corner.  Then on the left side, the use of the wall bracket sets the framed etching apart from the gallery wall on the far left.

Lighting can even do the trick. . .

Even an architectural piece, like these amazing shutters creates a nice contrast to artwork on the opposing wall.


I hope these simple tricks are helpful.  Now, go tackle a corner in your house - and send me some before and after pictures while you're at it.  M.

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So smitten with Monika Elena's Photography

I love the work of Monika Elena...
I love the sweet, warm feeling that exudes from her photos...
I love seeing the children she photographes being happy, smiling and innocent...
I love her polaroids...

and I miss Mila...18 days to go before I can hold her in my arms and cover her with kisses. I can't wait!

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