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Monday, April 4, 2011

Small Spaces - Cottage in the City

Today I'm in the mood to show you an amazing small space.  I saw this space back in December and just have not been able to get it out of my mind.  A marvelously designed small space.  The light airy feel makes it particularly appropriate for Spring!  

This home was designed by owners Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol and was featured on Re-Nest as a green space.  

In one image - the living space, kitchen, dining area, library, and loft bedroom.  It exudes style without sacrificing the homey feel (notice that cute dog under the coffee table)!   

For this small space, the theme is white/light airy coupled with natural elements and modern touches.  Here's a closer look of the kitchen.

  These bookshelves painted out white (like the walls) feel clean, organized and modern.  By including the wood beams, the modern edges are subdued.  Same balance with the dining chairs and table.

Here is the loft space above the kitchen.  If I lived here, I would climb up there and read to my kids every afternoon.

Close up of the table.  The textural elements of the table are like art for the space, yet it's practical.  

This kitchen is perfectly appointed.  I love the idea of not having anything you don't use in your kitchen. Makes me want to go into my kitchen with a huge garbage bag and get busy. 

All this white, really makes this space work.  But again, notice the dark wood countertop to balance the modern white look.

Here's another clever idea for this guest bedroom.  The linens are white (just like the walls) so this bed is not overpowering this small room.  I also love the reading lights.  These were essential since there really is no space for true bedside tables. 

Here is the master bedroom.  Again, natural wood canopy to balance all the white.  My favorite thing about this space is the mirrored closest doors (and the dog).  They bring in tons of light to brighten the space. 

 Last, but not least, the perfect spot for lazy weekend mornings or relaxing in the evenings.   

If you would like to see more of this space and read the full interview, go here.  
Hope your week gets off to a great start! M.

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